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Are you in need of help with history? Have you chosen a challenging topic that sparked your interest and now you find yourself lost in endless lists of dates, names and events? Do you find it hard to dig into the bibliography and unravel the threads of history? Keep calm, “the cavalry is coming”. is here to help with history homework. Whatever historical period, any subject or topic, we are here to assist you and deliver your custom essay, as precise and as fast as you need it. History help online is the best solution for getting all of your assignments done, and we are more than happy to provide that service to you in the most efficient way and with the best prices around.

The best history homework helper is here. Our aim is to cover the widest range of historical periods and topics, such as:

  • Early American History: From the arrival of the English in America to the First Colonies
  • The American Revolution (1763-83) to the birth of the New Nation (1783-1815)
  • Nineteenth century American History: From the National Expansion and Reform (1815-1860) to the rise of Industrial America (1877-1900)
  • Twentieth Century American History: The Progressive Era and the New Era (1900-1929), The Great Depression and WWII (1929-1945)
  • Contemporary History (1945 to today): From the Origins of the Cold War, The Civil Rights Movement, The epic Sixties and Seventies to the ages of the Great Fathers of the Nation.
  • European Homework Help: History From the early Neolithic Settlements to the Roman Empire, Renaissance, Industrial Revolution, French Revolution, the Building of Nations, WWI, WWII, Russian Revolution, the End of Empires, and the Social Revolution to The New Millennium.

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