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Gigmesh (3806)
List Price: $64.99
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Games and ToysLEGO Mindstorms: Robotics Invention System 2.0$199.99  
Games and ToysShadowstrike   
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Editorial Reviews:

Editorial Review
Leave it to LEGO to come up with another great toy that will keep kids occupied for hours, if not days. This 233-piece kit contains everything needed to build a spy robot. The first thing to do is plug the CD-ROM into your computer and download the special features, training exercises, instructions on how to build the blue Gigamesh G60, and 10 global missions for it to complete once ready. A programmable controller allows you to customize the Gigamesh with special features before starting on a mission, so you're as prepared as possible for what lies ahead. The Gigamesh’s best attribute is its strength, being low to the ground and a bit wide, but it also offers some speed and agility. Its signature features are the six cog wheels that allow it to move in a spiderlike fashion over difficult terrain, and the grinding attachment up front that clears a path. Having two robots work against each other on a mission is possible if you have multiple LEGO Spybotics, or a friend with one. A computer and three each of both AA and AAA batteries are required, none of which are included. --Pam Lauer

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  • Average Customer Review: 4.5 Based on 9 reviews.
  • Sales Rank: 7163

Customer Reviews

0 of 2 people found the following review helpful:

5Great toy - silly Lego, Dec 30, 2022
Absolutely agree with all 5-star reviews.

Stupid Lego have discontuned all Spybotics.

Mindstorms is financially & intellectually out of my kids reach.
Spybotics retail AUD$115, Mindstorms AUD$299.

Lego ... go rectify !!!

9 of 12 people found the following review helpful:

5G G G G G G Gigamesh!, Jul 26, 2023
This toy is awesome. we got it awile ago and it was Awesome. Its Awesomeness is so awesome it makes you want to say AWESOME! But, enough with the awesomes, Gigamesh may be the slowest, but he is the strongest. you don't have to do the missions with the spybots, you can do alot more! what I like to do is take off the sheets on my bed and then make them battle! It is also kind of cool that he has the spinning saws but I don't use that. And believe it or not when we play tag with three spybots, gigamesh is rarley it even though he has the weird, but unique cog system . SO, get Gigamesh! :) (smiley face)

2 of 5 people found the following review helpful:

5Gigmesh, Jul 21, 2023
Gigmesh is really cool. it is a remote controlled robot, capable of going over near all terrain types. Extremely recomended.

22 of 23 people found the following review helpful:

5The Best Toy Lego Has Come Up With!, Nov 30, 2022
This is not one of those toys that ends up in the back of the closet two days after a kid gets it. I got this set for Christmas, and played with it for months. In fact, I still play with it, even though I have had it for a year. Why is this toy so fun? The secret is the included CD-ROM which contains ten missions to download to your Spybot. Parents, if you are looking for a way to drag your kid from the computer, this is it. The downloadable missions make this toy a computer game without the computer. There is only one fault. In trying to keep with a spy theme, Lego included the instructions for assembly on the CD-ROM. If your computer won't run the CD, or if you don't even have a computer, you are stuck with a mess of Lego pieces. Lego should have at least included printed instructions, so if you can't get the software to work, you can at least have a cool robotic vehicle to drive around. Nevertheless, this is an excellent product, and I strongly suggest it for all ages.

85 of 86 people found the following review helpful:

5Great introduction to robotics, Mar 6, 2023
The Lego Spybotics line is an easier and lower-priced introduction to robotics than the Lego Mindstorms series.

Spybotics contains four robots (so far). Each is designed to be strong in only one or two of the categories of speed, strength, and agility. That means that the user will have to learn how to capitalize on the vehicles strengths in a competition with other Spybotics vehicles.
* Shadowstrike is a vehicle that scores high on speed and agility
* Gigamesh scores highest on strength, but low on other
* Technojaw is probably the most balanced, scoring quite high on speed but well on strength and agility
* Snaptrax scores high on agility and strength

There are several key differences with Mindstorms:
* Mindstorms is far more programmable; there are even artificial intelligence algorithms available for Mindstorms so that the Mindstorms robot can learn
* Mindstorms has more components that can be controlled: The program doesn't just control wheels; it can control gears and infrared sensors, etc.
* Spybotics is like a smart remote control car, but not really a robot; it is also geared toward playing competitive games when a friend has another Spybotics vehicle
* Unlike Mindstorms, but like most other Lego kits, you can only bid 2-3 different vehicles with the Spybotics kit

Because of its greater programmability (you could actually write your own operating system for it), Mindstorms costs a lot more.

I think this is a great product. If I was purchasing for an adult, though, I'd buy Mindstorms--which is used in college robotics classes. But, ANY OF THE SPYBOTICS PRODUCTS ARE A GREAT FIRST ROBOTICS EXPERIENCE FOR A CHILD.


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