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MINDSTORMS Robotics Discovery Set (9735)
List Price: $149.99
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Editorial Reviews:

Editorial Review
The perfect primer for the downright amazing Mindstorm series from LEGO, the Robotics Discovery Set lets you create a fully equipped robotics lab right in your own home. You don't need an engineering degree to set up shop. The 387-piece kit guides you, step by step, through the construction of three autonomous, sophisticated (not to mention cute) robots: the free-roving Bug, a light-triggered Intruder Alarm, and the B Ball-playing Hoop-O-Bot. Once you've mastered building these and programming their intuitive Scout microcomputer, you can move on to the Constructopedia for tips, tricks, and ideas on what to build next. You may find you can't stop thinking of what you can create with these amazing, addictive toys. The Discovery set includes two motors, two touch sensors, and the Scout with built-in light sensor. Check out the Robotics Invention System for an even more complex set that utilizes your PC. --Paul Hughes

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  • Average Customer Review: 4.0 Based on 13 reviews.
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Customer Reviews

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful:

5An excellent intro to robotics, programming, technology etc, Aug 23, 2023
Our nine-year old daugher loved it, as did our seven year old son. Neither had difficulty with building the sample robots from the instructions. And a PC is NOT required - you use a small LCD panel and a few buttons to tell the 'brain' what to do - if you can use a Gameboy or a Tamagochi then there shouldn't be any problems. Our favorite of the three designs was the bug which 'danced', and 'found its way' using the light and touch sensors.

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful:

5my sister loves this set, Aug 3, 2023
We got this set because of the price difference between it and the invention set -- right out of the box my 14 year old sister had a blast, creating all sorts of modified robots and sending them around the house.

Fun is 5 stars, this set is very easy to use and learn to use, my sister is already talking about buying the larger set. If you or someone you know is interested in building things or taking old electronics apart, mindstorms is for you. I sort of wish we had gotten the invention set instead because my sister's imagination requires more features and pieces.

Educational value has to be 5 stars because there are some basic programming concepts taught such as creating loops and if then statements for the robot to carry out such as if the light sensor detects x it should react with y.

Its lego, so its very durable -- some of the robots in the booklet aren't planned too well so they break now and then but since this is BACKWARDLY COMPATIBLE with all lego sets it is easy to modify and enhance their structure.

In conclution, this is great for 10 and under but if you're older I think its better to go with the invention set, and version 2.0 that is due august 2001.

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful:

4Great toy for the learning., Jul 11, 2023
This is a great toy if you are ready to programing toys yourself. Easy programming with step-by-step instructions. After this toy you should get the Robotics Invention System also made by lego.

3 of 8 people found the following review helpful:

4Single Uncle Gives Gift to Age 8 Nephew, Feb 5, 2023
I don't have kids and struggle with birthday gifts for my two nephews. I bought this toy and am now a hero. He just called me and said, "This is the bestest toy ever." Enough said.

17 of 17 people found the following review helpful:

4Great Mindstorm for beginners and experts!, Jan 14, 2023
I thought that this toy was great for beginners, because it was my first mindstorm. I got it for my birthday in November and by January I had made all three of the robots that you can create.

The set comes with a lot of pieces and three instruction books showing how to create: A BUG- moves, dances, ect., AN ALARM- launches a little thing, has a sensor, and A BASKETBALL HOOP-moves, throws the ball back to you (real fun).

The set does not need the computer wich is good and it tells you which robot to start with.

It comes with a SCOUT which is basically its brain. The scout has a light sensor, touch sensor and it commands the robot where to move. The touch sensor helps because if the robot hits something it will back away from the object. The light sensor is cool because the robot will seek light/dark, avoid light/dark or begin/stop moving when it sees light. The moving commands has many different directions that it can go which is cool.

Each book has tips, tricks and ideas to help make different robots and make your robot even better. The directions are very easy to understand and each robot takes about an hourto 2 and a half hours total. (good for days that your bored)

I recommend this to everyone. It is a great toy!


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