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Life is Our Curriculum
"Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself."
— John Dewey

The School Building

Hudson Valley Sudbury School is a democratic school for students from kindergarten through high school. It is one of over 30 Sudbury schools worldwide, based on a philosophy of education pioneered by the Sudbury Valley School in 1968. Hudson Valley Sudbury School was founded in 2004 in Woodstock, NY.

Sudbury schools take a radically different approach to education. The Sudbury philosophy believes that success in life is determined by a person's character more than a specific body of knowledge. As a result of this belief, the structure of the school supports the development of qualities such as confidence, independence, resourcefulness, persistence and responsibility. With these qualities a person can easily obtain the knowledge they need to succeed.

At Sudbury schools the students create their own curriculum. They exercise their rights and responsibilities as members of an active democracy. Most importantly, they accomplish the difficult task of defining themselves.