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Enrolling at Hudson Valley Sudbury School

At the Hudson Valley Sudbury School, we have rolling enrollment. This means that a student can enroll any time during the school year. If a student enrolls during the school year, the tuition is prorated to the remainder of the school year. The steps necessary to enroll at the Hudson Valley Sudbury School are described below. If you have any questions about enrolling, please contact the Enrollment Clerk at 845-679-1002.

Step 1: Attend an Information Meeting

The first step to enroll in the Hudson Valley Sudbury School is to attend an Information Meeting. These are usually held on the second Wednesday and third Saturday of every month. At these meetings the school staff, together with some parents and students, give a brief overview of the school philosophy, answer questions about the school and then give a tour of the school facilities. It is important that you attend this meeting if you are considering enrollment. The school philosophy is very different than traditional schools and this meeting allows you to find out how the school operates and have your questions answered by the staff, parents and students. For a current schedule of Information Meetings, see our Events Calendar.

Step 2: Interview

After you have attended an Information Meeting you can schedule an Interview. The best way to do this is to either call the school at 845-679-1002 and ask for the Enrollment Clerk or mail a completed Interview Request form to the school. The purpose of the Enrollment Interview is to make sure that everyone involved, parents and student, are familiar with the school philosophy and have a chance to ask any remaining questions.

Step 3: Visiting Week

After the interview, a student can register for a Visiting Week by completing the Visiting Week Forms. The fee for the visting week is $150. The Visiting Week allows the student an opportunity to be at the school for a week and experience what it is like to be a Sudbury student with no obligation to enroll.

Step 4: Enroll

After attending the Visiting Week, a student can enroll by completing the Enrollment Forms and returning them to the school. At the time of enrollment, the first two months of the student's tuition are due.

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