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The Hudson Valley Sudbury School tuition is a sliding scale based on the family income. The minimum tuition for the first student in the family is $1,650, the maximum tuition is $8,500. If more than one member of a family is enrolled, the second child's tuition is one half the first child's tuition. The tuition for each child after the second child is one quarter the first child's tuition.

To estimate your tuition, find your approximate income in the left hand column. The corresponding right hand column will be your approximate tuition. If your income is lower that $16,500, your tuition will be the minimum ($1,650). If your income is greater that $68,000 your tuition will be the maximum ($8,500).

First Child
Second Child
Each Additional
Child's Tuition

You can download the Tuition Assistance Worksheet to determine your exact tution here.

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