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Baby Bjorn Original Carrier: City Black
Price: $89.99
Availability: Usually ships in 24 hours
1 used & new from: $89.99
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Price: $89.99
Availability: Usually ships in 24 hours
Price: $89.99
Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 business days
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Editorial Reviews:

Editorial Review
While a tad more expensive than most other baby carriers, Baby Björn carriers offer parents some wonderful design features that make it well worth the extra money. By allowing you to hold your baby snugly against your chest, the carrier promotes a sense of comfort and closeness between a parent and a child. It also allows you to maintain eye contact with and talk to your little one during trips to the store, walks around the house, and short hikes (for both mom and dad). The carrier's other big advantage is that it frees up both your hands while you carry your infant. The black carrier consists of a large triangular front piece that supports baby's head and body, along with a set of thick padded straps that are worn like a shoulder-and-waist harness. Newborns and smaller babies should always ride rear-facing in the carrier, while older babies who can hold their heads upright unassisted can ride forward-facing and enjoy the view ahead of them. Made of machine-washable 100 percent cotton, the carrier can be easily adjusted from the front for your baby's size. Although the carrier has been tested for use with babies who weigh from 8 to 25 pounds, some parents found that the carrier became uncomfortable to wear and placed a lot of strain on the lower back when it was used to carry a child weighing more than 20 pounds. --Chris Burns

Product Details
  • Average Customer Review: 4.5 Based on 469 reviews.
  • Sales Rank: 4

Customer Reviews

0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:

5Would be lost without it!, Apr 29, 2023
This carrier has come in very handy since the birth of my second child. This allows me to still have two hands for my toddler. I would suggest this carrier to any parent, especially to parents expecting their second child.

1 of 7 people found the following review helpful:

4A welcome relief, Apr 25, 2023
For those of you who get tired of bending down to pick up your baby when you drop it, this is what you've been waiting for. You can strap the baby to your person and it will stay, no slippage.
Also helps if you lose you baby a lot too.

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:

5awesome! essential item, Apr 25, 2023
My daughter loves this carrier. It is comfortable for both of us. It allows me to get some exercise by going for walks, run errands easily around town, and keep my hands free doing chores at home. Since she has colic, it has become an essential part of our daily routine. It is worth the money!

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful:

5Comes in very handy., Apr 24, 2023
My baby is 9 months old and I'm glad I have this. I certainly don't use it all the time, and never have, but it can be very useful. It is comfortable to wear for us and baby. Our baby once fell asleep in it on a 3 mile hike in the mountains!

I've used the Bjorn in a swimming pool too- just to walk around in the water and let baby get a little wet. It is completely washable in the washing machine!

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful:

5Worth every penny!, Apr 23, 2023
I got this for our 5th child. I have to say it would have been so nice to have it for the other 4! I have used snuggly and evenflo brand front carriers for them. They had the baby hanging so far down on me that it was very tough on the back and i would kick the baby's legs when they were still pretty small. The Bjorn, however, is fabulous! The baby is high on your chest so it puts very little strain on your back. Our 5th child lived in this. I did everything with him in it. I am 5'6, 135 pounds and it fit me great, no complaints. My husband is 6', 250 pounds and he wore it comfortably too. The straps are so easy to adjust with the baby in it and it is very easy to put on and off, unlike the other brands i mentioned. I can't say enough good about this carrier. The price is high but now that we are pregnant with our 6th child i am looking forward to using it again. It has paid for itself in ease of use and how valuable it is to a family with more that one child. I say this because when you have more than one young child it is hard to push double strollers in some areas and to go grocery shopping is near impossible. This way you wear your newborn and use a single stroller or cart for the other child/children. Our little one loved it and he napped in it all of the time. Shopping was a breeze! I am very glad we invested in this carrier and highly recommmend it! I hope this helps you decide.


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