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Infant Feeding Set
Price: $17.99
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Price: $17.99
Availability: Usually ships in 24 hours
Price: $17.99
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Accessories for Infant Feeding Set

Steam Strlzer   
Night & Day Bottle Warmer$37.99-$8.00 
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Product Details
  • Average Customer Review: 3.5 Based on 18 reviews.
  • Sales Rank: 138

Customer Reviews

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:

5Bowled over, Apr 4, 2023
I am reviewing the bowl only. I love it. I wasn't sure if I would need a warming dish when we started solid foods, but I quickly realized that we would. Cold cereal is not something I would want to eat, and neither did my son! We bought this dish and have been using it ever since. It is made of very sturdy hard plastic that seems like it will stand up over time. It is so easy to fill with warm water, and it keeps the food warm for a long time. The screw cap ensures that even if the bowl gets tipped over (unlikely with the large suction cup bottom) the warm/hot water will not spill out. The bowl is divided too, so that will be nice when we move on to other foods. We're very pleased.

3 of 4 people found the following review helpful:

5Great Products, Feb 3, 2023
While I haven't tried the bowl listed in this set, I have to say that I love the cups and the spoons. After reading the complaints about the cups, I have to say that I do have a couple of them that are harder to keep the valves in, but it's only the cups that Gerber makes with the rubber spout, and even then it's only when my teething son chews on the spout for an extended period of time. The valves in the cups with the hard plastic spouts stay in with no problems. I would recommend this product with no reservations.

16 of 17 people found the following review helpful:

1Don't use the cups!, Sep 1, 2023
I don't have this feeding set, but I wanted to find some place to warn others about Gerber sippy cups. I have owned two and my mother keeps some at her house and the valve doesn't stay in any of them. The first time my son bangs it on his tray or drops it, the valve pops out and the contents get slung out all over the floor or the furniture before I realize it. My advice: go for the Playtex sippy cups. The valve design is great and I never have a problem with leaks. Also, the lid has a notch that holds the valve so it stays with the lid in the dishwasher.

11 of 13 people found the following review helpful:

3Spoon review only, Jul 25, 2023
Yes, I am writing a review for the spoons.

You can buy these in a pack of 6 in most stores that carry baby items. Nice price for so many spoons. (I once thought how many baby spoons do you need? but after living with only two for a while, I thought it would be nice to have several...)

Anyway. They work OK but the bowls are kind of shallow, so as you feed the baby, it seems a lot of food gets pushed back further onto the spoon and/or ends up on the baby's upper lip. SO they are not the easiest spoons to feed with.

Not bad for the price, but I wish I'd have sprung for the first years color-changing spoons with the contoured handles. I got a pack as a gift but it was a variety pack, only had one of the larger parent'feeds-baby spoons. These make feeding very easy - but when I bought the Gerber ones, I was thinking, how much difference can a spoon make? Hmmmmm. It can actually make quite a difference.

It's nice to have these on hand for back-up, though. Pretty decent for the price and the number that you get.

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful:

3Not the best cups, Jul 13, 2023
I love these spoons- the soft tips make them gentle on tender gums. The bowl is nice- although the suction could be stronger.
The big complaint I have- and I have had this problem with other Gerber cups I have purchased- the valves fall out while my daughter is using the cups. I don't always notice until it is too late and they have leaked all over. Not so good on the highway!
I like the one piece valve- but I have had better luck with other cups- Playtex is my favorite sippy.


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