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Undergear The Sock Shorts
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Product Description
Cotton jersey with Sock built-in. Split sides. 11/2" curved inseam. Machine wash. Contoured Fit. USA. White, Gold, Royal, Black. S-M-L-XL.An Undergear exclusive.

Product Details
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Customer Reviews

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54-1/2 Stars. Sexy and revealing, great for showing off., Jun 18, 2023
The built-in "sock" athletic supporter does nothing to hold your genitellia in place. It's an opened, shaft-lengthed piece of material that covers your private parts, but is only supports/holds the head of the (...). Because of this, the (...)rest of your genitellia easily fall out and flap around and be exposed to the world when doing any biking, stationary biking, or running. So, you will need to wear thong underwear when wearing these shorts during any vigorous activities to prevent this from happening.

So with thong underwear being worn underneath, these shorts are excellent for doing atheletic activities in and showing off the the upper thigh and buttocks (showing off the body, attractive a lot of attention and stares from the opposite sex with their pupils fully dilated) while running, doing leg presses and squats and biking/stationary biking.

The shorts are cut up the sides, so the hips/side of the buttocks and lower half of the rear view of your buttocks easily becomes uncovered and exposed during the above activities. If it's you desire to show off other parts of your body, don't wear any thong underwear.

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