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The Sims and The Sims Livin' Large Expansion Pack (Mac)
Platform: Macintosh, Mac OS X
List Price: $39.99
Availability: This product is not available from any Amazon merchant. Please check for New and Used availability below.
Edition: CD-ROM
ESRB Rating: Teen
1 used & new from: $25.95
  • For 1 player
  • Combines the hit The Sims with the first expansion pack, Livin' Large
  • Build a simulated neighborhood and run--or ruin--the lives of the people that live there
  • Unlimited open-ended game play allows you to help your Sims develop and mature
  • Livin' Large adds five new career tracks and 125 new objects
1 New from $25.95
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Editorial Reviews: Product Description
This bundle combines the hit game The Sims with the first expansion pack Livin' Large in one value-priced package for your Mac.

The Sims
From Will Wright, the creator of SimCity, comes a strategy game that hits close to home. You are in charge of a neighborhood of Sims, and it is up to you to show them that they're living in your world now! Force them into a life of crime or help them live life in the fast lane. Build them a sprawling mansion or dump them into a dilapidated shack. Let them party like swinging singles or fall in love, get married, and raise a family. They can live out your wildest dreams or experience your worst nightmares. It is up to you to decide--their fate is in your hands.

The Sims Livin' Large Expansion Pack
The world of The Sims just got larger. With the Livin' Large Expansion, you'll be able to give your little humans five new career paths (including slacker and journalist), new objects (could that lantern hold a genie?), and new decors (how does Vegas lounge grab ya?). More than just cosmetic additions, there is also an assortment of new situations for your Sims to deal with. Without spoiling too much, let's just say you're going to want the name of a good Sim exterminator.

Product Details
  • CD-ROM (October 21, 2023)
  • ASIN: B0000DBJUJ
  • Average Customer Review: 3.5 Based on 5 reviews.
  • Sales Rank: 5949

Customer Reviews

0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:

2so stupid, Jul 19, 2023
this game has new fetures like the new magic trade clown he will pay you a visit if youy dont take good care of your sims it is over all STUPID

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful:

4Why Haven't You Bought This?, Dec 2, 2022
My first question to you is... why haven't you bought this game already? It is absolutely so addictive, it may become illegal! While it gets tedious having to make your Sim use the toilet every morning, this game is so incredibly fun. You control every single aspect of your Sim. It is so amazing! I think you only become satisfied when you have created the family of your dreams. Of course, you absolutely have to get one expansion pack or else it becomes boring. I'd recommend Hot Date or Unleashed. Have fun!

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful:

3Disappointing at best, but still mildly entertaining, Nov 30, 2022
First, I'm a Sim fan, and while the game can get quite boring, I'm still having fun so far. The reason I gave this 3 stars is that I was SORELY dissapointed by the small amount of "extras" that was provided. Aspyre Media has a nice racket going with these "Expansion Packs" All that was added was a few more jobs and the furniture, tiles and wallpaper added was a JOKE. It's not nearly as much fun as it would be if I could actually make my houses look different rather than using the same non-matching wallpaper, or the same two couches. Again, the furniture is appalling! Not much to choose from.

For example, there are three or four different types of tubs. Why not several differents type of showers, phones, dining tables, children's beds, TV's and kitchen tables and chairs? Why no clocks?

Also, people like the maids are poor too because sometimes she didn't even clean up everything, though sometimes that's funny as well as frustrating. The Sims is very popular, and I understand why, but I also understand why a lot of people complain about it as well. Aspyr Media has A LOT OF KINKS STILL TO WORK OUT!

Again, without at least one expansion pack The Sims is almost not worth playing. I have a Mac and it's been getting slow after the installation of Livin' Large, so I'm only going to install one more Pack then I'm done. I don't want all the Packs and I don't think they're worth the money. I think getting them used is the best bet, mainly because they're only of mininal fun. I want another pack just to get more items to play with. What they provided is a J.O.K.E.

Some of the new things that come with this pack is not even fun, like the stupid clown that follows you around and cries and wakes you up, or the 'evil twin' that can be made from the science table. WTF? Stupid and frustrating, NOT FUN OR FUNNY.

Instead of giving us 10,000 lots, how about more items to build our houses with? More items to go inside? Please? Who's building on all those lots anyway?

The one tip I have for those who complain about keeping their Sims happy (energy, bathroom, comfort, etc.) When you first get a family, or whoever, make friends and let them get their "work skills" like cooking, body, mechanical, etc. before they get a job. That way, when you get a job, you don't have to work like mad to get them some charisma and body and all that, which takes away from any social life you want them to have.

For the last time, I recommend you get this used, or play at a friends house first. If possible, buy the, I believe, Deluxe pack that gives you three games at once. After getting The Sims you'll want an expansion pack, believe me. I still enjoy the game, but I'm glad I didn't break the bank for it (for mac), The fun won't last forever. It's something that I play, put away for weeks and come back to.

Now, I'm waiting for Zoo Tycoon 2 for Mac. :)

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful:

5Fantastic game!, Feb 14, 2023
This combo pack has been so much fun already! I was disappointed that the Mac version is so much more expensive than the PC version, but I really wanted to own this game, so...

This is not an exciting game by any means, but it is extremely addictive as you sit and watch your Sim toast the stove for the third time. You'll get all sorts of warm fuzzies as you watch your Sims fall in love and make friends.

This is a quality game--where else can you legally slap a clown?!

1 of 9 people found the following review helpful:

4This is a great game!, Jan 25, 2023
This game is great! I bought it a couple of days ago, my friend said that it was a pretty cool expansion pack, so I tried it out at her house. Turns out, it is soooo cool.


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