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A Step from Heaven (Asian Pacific American Award for Literature. Children's and Young Adult. Winner (Awards))
by An Na
Publisher: Front Street
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Reading Level: Young Adult
Edition: Hardcover
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Product Details
  • Hardcover: 156 pages
  • Publisher: Front Street; edition (Apr 30, 2023)
  • ISBN: 1886910588
  • Average Customer Review: 4.5 Based on 43 reviews.
  • Sales Rank: 337955

Customer Reviews

0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:

5A step from heaven, Apr 29, 2023
This book is a GREAT book to read, it's also good for young teens. This book is real. It has peaceful, painful, and down to earth life lessons. I instantly fell in love with this book. Her dad and mom care for her and her brother very much- although her family isn't perfect. They have a lot of problems with the dad, like alcohol and other problems. She struggles to get through her new life and try to live in America -but to never forget her Korean ways.
This is an OUTSTANDING book!!!

0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:

5A Story of Strength, Apr 27, 2023
A Step from Heaven is about a Korean family who migrates to America. The story is told from Young Ju's point of view from when she's in pre-school to when she goes off to college. The reason for the book's title is when she is in the plane, flying to Mi Gook ("America" in Korean) she believes she and her parents are going to Heaven, way up in the clouds. When the Park family arrives in Mi Gook, things are very difficult from finding a place to live, to finding work. Because the story is told from first person, you can actually go inside Young Ju's mind and know exactly what's she's thinking and all the questions that circle her mind. Because she is new to America, she is very naïve. This is not stupidity! When her brother, Joon Ho is born, things drastically change. Young Ju begins to lie, such as telling her second grade class her brother died. She feels she can't really trust anyone, not even her best friend, Amanda. Unfortunately, Apa ("Dad" in Korean) starts to drink and abuse the children and his wife, Uhmma. (Korean for "Mom") Uhmma and her daughter stay strong through the abuse, and Young Ju remains a good child. As Young Ju and Joon Ho grow up, they lead separate lives. Joon Ho skips school many times while Young Ju stays dedicated to her studies. In conclusion, Apa goes back to Korea after he literally tries to kill Young Ju and hurts Uhmma again. Finally, Young Ju and her mother can put the dreadful past behind them and have a new beginning in life.

0 of 2 people found the following review helpful:

5A Step From Heaven HB 2ND HOUR, Mar 24, 2023
A Step from Heaven is a fiction book about a young Japanese girl her name was AN'NA. AN'NA lived without a father, her father died since she was three years old she lives with her aunt. She immigrated to America at the age of seven and she is having difficulties to communicate with other people, because she speaks a different language. She starts going to school, to learn English but she doesn't understand anything. She used to always get in trouble by her aunt and her teacher; it took AN'NA a while to learn English. But she thinks that she doesn't have to go to school and learn English because what is the point of learning if no one speaks to her English at home. I think this book was a very easy and great book to read especially for people that emigrated from other countries to America, because it shows us how hard it is to immigrate and learn a new language. I recommend this book to my friends and teachers especially to the people that immigrated to a new country and learned a second language.

0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:

4Review, Mar 19, 2023
As a Korea immigrant and a reader, I really enjoyed this book, "A Step From Haven". I also really want to recommend this book to others.
First of all, I thihk I could enjoy this book because the main character, Young Ju, and I Have some similar experiences. For example, Young Ju's first day of school was very similar to my own first day of school. When Young Ju went to school for the first time, she was extremely nervous and worried which are the same feelings that I felt on my first day. I was able to understand Young Ju's feeling, and due to that, i could enjoy the story more.
Secondly, one of my ohter favorite things was the author's special writing style. The author's explanation and description were extremely detailed and well-described, I could even draw a picture in my head of her experiences. For example, in the chapter, "My future", she describes the teacher's hair as
"a big white cloud sitting on the top of head". Her description was extremely good, and it made her book funnier and more brilliant.
To sum it all up, I enjoyed this book very much, and due to that reason, I'd like to recommend this book to everyone.

0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:

4Review of A Step From Heaven., Mar 19, 2023
I have read "A Step From Heaven" for last 2 months. This story is about a girl,Young-Ju, who came to the US when she
was young. Her family and Young-Ju thought that the US was like heaven before they moved. But after they moved they had a really hard time bacause they couldn't speak English very well, so they didn't feel that the US was heaven anymore. Several years have passed since then. Now Young-Ju is ready for college. Also Young-Ju can speak English well. She doesn't even have any problems when she speaks in English. Also she bacame more like an American girl. But when she was a teenager she had a really bad time. Her father hit his family when he got drunk. Even though she had a bad time she had a cheerful disposition. This book is funnier then the other books that I've read. This book is different. The author depicts Young-Ju's life vividly and describes the scenes her book well. And I have some common things with Young-Ju. We both are Korean and we came here looking for a better life. So I could understand her a lot. Also this book gave me instruction and courage.
I really want you to read this book. You won't waste your time if you read this book!!


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