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Barbie Pet Rescue
Platform: Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 95
List Price: $19.99
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Edition: CD-ROM
ESRB Rating: Everyone
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Editorial Reviews: Review
Forget the cat litter, all-hours dog walks, and outrageous vet bills; Barbie Pet Rescue features some of the most realistic, adorable animals we've ever seen in a computer program--and without all the work involved in owning a real-live pet. Visit Barbie and her kid sister Stacey at the Pet Rescue Center, where you'll wait for rescue missions, explore in the playrooms, or tend to pets in the Care Center.

Rescue missions come in over the phone or via e-mail; after learning which pet is missing where, travel with Barbie on her scooter to one of three different environments in which to search for one of eight lost pets. In many missions, you'll have to use your wits to figure out how to entice scared animals to come to you, or how to retrieve pets trapped in trees or other sticky situations. If you get stuck yourself, Barbie's full of helpful hints to send you on the right direction. With each successful mission, you'll receive a printable Paw & Purr Award that hangs on the PRC wall.

Rescued pets come back to the Pet Rescue Center with you and Barbie to wait for their owners and receive a little TLC. Nurse them back to health in the Care Center, where you'll give recovered pets water, treats, vitamins--even baths and brushings; sometimes you may also need to bandage a hurt leg or pick burrs from ruffled fur. After creating a file for them in the computer and giving them a name you select from a list of suggestions, the animals go to one of two playrooms to wait for their owners.

In the meantime, you can play with them, plus all the other pets already in the playroom--a kitten, bunny, hamster, puppy, and even a turtle--in what is perhaps the best of the game's activities: petting! Select which animal you'd like to pet, then use the cursor to stroke an animal's head or back, or perhaps scratch her under the chin. The animals respond to your attention as they might in real life, by licking, rolling over, purring, or barking. It's the next-best thing to a romp in the park with a real-live kitten or beagle.

There is a related game for each kind of animal--Kitten Keepaway, Puppy Treat Toss, Hamster Trail, etc.--and if you do well enough, you'll see the animal do something especially cute. A few of the games test kids' logic and spatial aptitude, but mostly they challenge players' mouse mastery and hand-eye coordination; a speedy "click" finger yields frequent success.

Our only complaint: once players have completed all eight rescue missions and the activities in the playrooms, there's not a lot more to do. It's always fun to pet the animals, but it's not likely to hold kids' attention for frequent replay. That said, this graphically rich program is a real treat for any animal lover. We plan on keeping this game around for those moments when we really wish we had a dog around. (Ages 5 and up) --Leah Ball Product Description
Girls can join Barbie on exciting missions to search for and rescue different animals such as kittens, puppies, and bunnies with the Barbie Pet Rescue CD-ROM. This fun adventure game empowers girls to find lost pets and nurture them back to health at the Pet Rescue Center with Barbie. Girls can care for pets up close using a special onscreen cursor and observe as the animals react to petting, feeding, and more.

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  • Average Customer Review: 4.0 Based on 42 reviews.
  • Sales Rank: 457

Customer Reviews

0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:

4i got , May 22, 2023
i got this for my 9th bdayand i played it for long hours strait. now ido not play it as much. it gets boreing after A while. barbie says: all of her vital sounds are strng.oh, what a heathy girl. in a way iwish ythat they would get sick[it mightr be exiting]. the animals look really real.bye now.[ see my other reviews][lots of reviews!] bye![again!]:)hoohoo!

0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:

4This Game is Pretty Good, May 12, 2023
This game is pretty good if you are under 10. I am almost 11 and I still sometimes play this game, but only because it involves animals.
It's annoying because other people can adopt your pets if you rescue one like it (i.e. you rescue a gray kitten, then rescue another, the first one gets adopted). You also don't get to keep the birds you find, which is not very fun.
When you rescue a bird, it gets taken to the Checkout Room (more about this room later) where Barbie checks it out and makes sure it's not sick or hurt. "Her vital signs are strong! What a healthy girl!" is what Barbie always says; it could be more exciting if once in awhile the pet was sick and you had to give it some special medicine (if you want to have a game like this, try another game called Vet Emergency, which is more advanced than this game). Then, as soon as you get into the Lobby Room, Stacie says "Barbie, while you were out one of our animals was adopted," a.k.a. the bird you just were with two seconds ago has already been taken home by its owner. How does this happen, I don't know.
Another funny thing is that you start out with a file on Barbie's laptop that says you rescued a Poodle named Emily or something. You never do; you can only rescue a few other breeds (more later).
In the Checkout Room, you can name the pet and give it a "special tag"--a bone, pawprint, heart, or star in blue, green, yellow, or pink. You can also feed it bones (which is funny for the turtles and bunnies you rescue!), give it a bath (or in the case of kittens, a grooming), and with some pets, like the cat, you can bandage her paw, or the bird, where you can give her an ID band on her foot (how does Barbie know so much about the bird? Real tags are supposed to have its name, owner, address, etc). You can give them a vitamin, but it's very realistic at this part because you can only feed them one vitamin a day. You can also give them water. You can't dry them off with the towels on the shelf, they only have to sort of shake themselves off. You can't check out a few of the animals, though.
There are two different Playrooms where, in the first one, are:
Stacie's hamster, Nutmeg (who I particularly think is ugly) and kind of acts annoying and a little cheeky sometimes, especially when it escapes into the Lobby Room (Stacie, take better care of your hamster!),
Your puppies (you can get either a tricolor Beagle, a Dalmatian, or a Golden Retriever, and the Dalmatian is my favorite). The puppies can also lie down in their baskets and sleep,
Your bunnies, a gray, brown, and white-and-black one, and Barbie's family of bunnies (who you play games with and they don't have names, or at least they don't tell you the name),
And in the second playroom are your kittens (a black tabby, an orange tabby who I like best, and a gray-and-white one)
Sage, a Golden Retreiver dog who is very sweet,
Your turtles--a green one, my favorite, a red one, and a gold-and-black one.
I think that all of these pets are cute, except for Stacie's hamster. When you pet the hamster (you can pick any animal to pet, and this part is very realistic), Stacie says, "Looks like you've made a friend!" No, I have not made any friends, at least with your hamster, Stacie!
Another thing is that Barbie carefully checks out all of these tame little bunnies who are playing at the park, but she doesn't check out this wild, stray dog who doesn't have a home and is racing around this farm chasing a chicken. What if the dog had rabies or something?
Anyway, the pets are very cute and sweet but if you want a game where you can actually care for pets, as in train them and feed them something other than treats, etc., try Petz 5 (I have reviewed this game, too).
Overall, this game is pretty fun. I'd say the age group is about 5 to 10. If you are within this age group (or you think that the game sounds fun), you should think about getting this game. (I got it when I was eight and I was sooooo excited when I got it!)
They could make this game a little better, but I think it's pretty much a good game.
You also rescue this "mystery animal" a.k.a. a monkey, who leaves clues all over the place, lets out the animals from their real homes, and lives at a circus. This is sort of silly but otherwise I like this game a lot.

0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:

4What A good Game, Jun 9, 2023
This game is great and I love all the games except the kitten keep away. But otherwise the game is the coolest and I am hoping to by one know and it would be so cool if you could send me one for free. Much love Britney.

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:

3Okay for a rainy day, May 15, 2023
My mom got me this game for christmas and I loved it. Now that was two yrs ago. Now I only play it when i'm really bored which is like never. One you get all your paw and purr awards it is just the same rescues over and over again.And also the thing that annoys me the most is that you can never keep any parrots once you rescue them. Also how do you know if the turtles were not wild to begin with? On the positive side the puppie kittens and rabbits were so life like. Overall a good game but play only if you are really bored and you need to pass the time.

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:

3A Nice Game, Mar 11, 2023
This game was quiet enjoyable and the graphics were very good. You rescue different animals -- dogs, bunnies, cats ect. -- during the game. After rescuing the animals, you take them back to the 'PRC' (Pet Rescue Center) to give them a check-up and name them.
One of the things that's kind of annoying is that the animals Barbie rescues are always girls. I'm a girl, so it really shouldn't matter, but that makes the game pretty un-realistic.
Also, you'll find the animals in odd places that they couldn't get to or trapped in in real life. The adventures you go on to rescue the animal are always the same. And, Barbie will rescue turtles, which she really shouldn't be able to tell whether they are pets or wild.
Anyway, it was a nice game all around. I recomend it for eight and under. If your son or daughter likes animals, this would be the game for them!


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