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Editorial Reviews: Review
Sex and aliens. That's really all that was missing from the amazing original edition of The Sims, and the expansion Livin' Large delivers these new treats to liven up your beloved Sims existence.

New characters (including a gladiator and Xena-like warriors), and, more impressively, new decorations are the reasons to buy this game. The furnishings are mostly grouped by theme, with the medieval dungeon option the most authoritative of the bunch. (Little Cassandra Goth has been longing to read by torch light all along.)

Our personal favorite is the futuristic theme, with an optional, but expensive, maid/gardener robot to take care of the fabulous modern furnishings. Clearly the Sims team has been doing its research over at Herman Miller, and you'll have a bright red, flowing-foam sofa to show for it.

But it wouldn't be The Sims if only good taste prevailed. Bring on the mai tais with a tiki-heavy islander theme. There's also a startling collection of carpeting and objects best grouped under the design ideal we call "demented clown."

The attention-getting rarities include: a lame fortune-telling ball (our advice mostly centered around hiring a maid), a voodoo doll for hexing roommates, and a genie who delivers as much bad as good (dead plants, anyone?). And, yes, there's a vibrating bed to give your Sims the spice they've been missing.

While the expansion didn't blow us away, it did provide more of the humor and novelty true Sims die-hards will appreciate. With even more attention to detail than the original offering, EA deserves Sims-like applause for this edition. --Jennifer Buckendorff Review
The Sims has sold millions of copies since its release, and now all those virtual voyeurs who bought it have a new bag of tricks to unleash on the unsuspecting inhabitants of their computers. The Livin' Large expansion pack comes with enough new items to buy, careers to pursue, and hilarious secrets to keep fans glued to their monitors until a full-fledged sequel appears.

Those of you who missed the phenomenon the first time around will have to buy a copy of the original game in order to use this add-on, but it's worth it. The Sims lets you create an entire neighborhood of digital people who all have their own unique personalities, jobs, relationships, and desires. Livin' Large takes this concept to new extremes, adding mad scientists, magical genies, and even the Grim Reaper to the mix. It also comes with more than 100 new objects to enhance your sims' dwellings. One desperately needed object is the robot maid, who handles all the housework for well-heeled sims, letting its owners focus on more important (and fun) things--such as the new vibra-bed.

Considering how many free objects and cool unofficial patches are available on the Internet, is Livin' Large worth the money? Definitely. The enhancements are of professional quality and really add a lot of surreal fun to the game. You also get new features, such as the ability to run five neighborhoods at the same time, and five fun new career paths to explore, such as Slacker and Musician. No fan of The Sims should miss this one. --T. Byrl Baker


  • Plenty of new items to buy and career paths to explore
  • The ability to run 5 neighborhoods at once will keep you busy
  • Much more humorous than the original release
  • Some fans may not like the more surreal additions

Product Details
  • CD-ROM
  • ASIN: B00004ZBR0
  • Average Customer Review: 4.5 Based on 23 reviews.
  • Sales Rank: 5491

Customer Reviews

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:

5Cool!, Jan 17, 2023
I've played Livin' Large for a week now. Remember that review I gave on the first Sims game? I said that I didn't think it was addicting. Yeah right! It's 5:25am, and I haven't gone to bed 'cause I was playin' "Livin' Large." I can't wait to install House Party! :)

In the first Sims game, you got 10 lots. In this game, you get 40 extra lots! That's 50 in total! Lots are places you buy to put houses on, in case you haven't figured that out alreay. I'm sharing this game with my brother, so we would get 25 lots each. I already used up around 8 of them. My brother's only used 2.

The Sims Livin' Large comes with 5 new careers (Slacker, Journalist, Paranormal, Hacker, and Musician), more building styles, 125 new items, and new characters. You must install the first Sims game before playing Livin' Large.

The Sims are livin' large!

4 of 5 people found the following review helpful:

4A bit disappointing, Jun 23, 2023
The pac was not as good as I thought it would be. Push come to shove I'd buy it again. Thing is I never even bother to have a party anymore. It's just not that much fun. By the time you get everything set up your Sim is too tired anyway. Your best bet is to #1 skip work that day and set up everything before you invite the guests. If the guests would interact more it would have been more fun. But maybe I just didn't give it a fair enough shake. Anyway the pack is worth getting just for the extra decorating stuff, skins etc.. One piece of advice, don't purchase the magic lamp or the crystal ball. The magic lamp apparently lets loose "cockroaches" that begin as "flies". The annoying little buzzing they make drove me insane. They sound exactly like the flies that gather when a Sim leaves out a plate. The only way to get rid of them is to evict everyone from their houses and tear them down. The darn crystal ball starts leaving these annoying little messages on the phone. Trust me just don't get these two going cause you WILL regret it.

3 of 6 people found the following review helpful:

2Could it get any more annoying that this?, Feb 16, 2023
I must admit that this expansion adds what it promises. i will spare you a listing of what's new and improved and get straight to the point of what is new but makes the game unenjoyable - at least under certain conditions. I have one word for you: Clown! Now, I like playing this game as much as anyone but when my Sims get visited by that annoying Clown I have to turn the computer off and leave the game be. It makes me want to uninstall the expansion altogether. You can't ask the Clown to leave (cause it won't) and your Sims live get forced into interactions that I don't want them to have at all and that add nothing to gameplay except frustration. Fortunately, however, the Clown only appears if certain requirements are met. Nonetheless, I keep thinking that I must be missing something with this game. it just does not seem addictive to me. while I find myself playing such games as Age of Empires even years after purchasing them, I am getting fairly tired of the sims after only a few weeks. So, I have created nice families or singles, I have made them work out, read, or build up their charisma, i even created a house full of criminals. I have bought all there is to buy, have build various houses of all sorts of sizes and designs, I have had wild parties, and made many friens, and now i simply don't know why I should ever return to the game.

0 of 5 people found the following review helpful:

4This game is alot different than the other games!, Jan 25, 2023
This game is the best of the best Sims games there ever were.
There is one thing wrong. I had to get my cousin a birthday present for her birthday. She had all the Sims games exept for one which is this game. All the stores I went to they did not have it. So I went online to [a website]and they did not sell it on the internet. So I went to and they had it. I am also missing this game which I am in great need of it. I have all of them exept for one which is Livin' Large. This is my one concern about this item. Once the Deluxe Edition came out some stores did not carry this item in there stock. So I was very mad at that point.

5 of 5 people found the following review helpful:

5So cool! So cool! A must have! A must have!, Jan 5, 2023
Hiya folks! ( ALERT! ) This game is awsome! It is for parents and kids age's 10 + up! Very very good! In this game game there are o' lot more furniture, clothing, and alot of other cool things. This game is also tight becuz when ur sims die they can be brought back 2 life if you win rock, paper scisors with the Grim Reaper. Other funny characters are: The depressed clown, The Genie of the lamp and the $15,000 robot who cleans, repairs, and gardens ur flowers. The bad things about this game are just some little insects crawl around the floor, so ur sims have to go over a spray em'. Hehe! Also, ur sims can catch a strange sickness and quickly die from it and i think it is contageous. You know there sick if they cough and stuff. ( I still didn't find a cure from that, also i know beacause both my sims died from that.) Overall this is an awsome game everyone should have!


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