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Apple Computer M7600LL/D AirPort Card
List Price: $99.00
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  • Features 2.4 GHz frequency for better range and connection quality
  • Access your home or business network with wireless technology
  • Reach speeds up to 11 Mbps
  • Easy plug and play PCMCIA installation
  • Roam up to 150 feet from your access point
1 New from $80.75
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ElectronicsApple AirPort Card Adapter Kit$32.48  
Product Details
  • Average Customer Review: 4.5 Based on 19 reviews.
  • Sales Rank: 15675

Customer Reviews

2 of 5 people found the following review helpful:

1If only it worked, Jul 9, 2023
Switched to Mac? Switch back.

I built an 802.11b network for the PCs in my house. I set up everything and had it working and tested for a few weeks before tackling the Airport install. Since I'm not usually a Mac user, I thought I'd make sure everything else was working first.

Well, it was the right decision. 8 months later, my Airport card still does not work. I put it in our iBook, and it's recognized, but there is an error message that locks up all the wireless applications and configuration, so the Airport is useless. Yes, I have the right OS version, and I've gotten the latest drivers and applications, but nothing works.

I'll try again, sometime, but it's just really hard to get psyched up for hours and hours of beating your head against the wall, trying to get something to work.

Hey, it might work out of the box for you. If you have an older iBook, though, I'd prepare for a struggle.

0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:

5Wireless rocks!, Mar 10, 2023
Like everything Apple makes, it was trivial to install and setup. End of story.

The real glory is being able to carry my iBook all over the house and use it everywhere. Combine that with the great battery usage in the iBook, and I am finally not tied down!

Go Mac, and do it without wires. You won't regret it for a single moment.

3 of 4 people found the following review helpful:

5Make your PC friends jeleous, Feb 26, 2023
What a wonderful investment this Airport card (and the base station) was! I can walk anywhere in the house and even into the garden out back with my Powerbook and remain connected to the Internet. I take the computer everywhere, and at this moment (as I write from the living room while watching Discovery-Italia) my Internet connect utility tells me I have been connected to the Internet for the last 2,000+ hours! Almost three months! And that's despite taking the computer wherever I want it to go, up to 150 feet (half a football field) from the base station. It stays connected when the compuer is in sleep mode, when it restarts, turns off. There is no reduction in connection speed, I never get cut off and it effortless to operate. If I could somehow keep the battery charged without plugging it in, my Powerbook would be cableless for life!

I will give my five stars one caveat, because while the card is not difficult to install, opening the computer to do so does require an unusual and specific five-sided Allen-wrench-style tool that is not easy to find (hint: go to a store that repairs cellular phones). I am told that newer computers (mine is a Titanium Powerbook from late 2001) can be opened with a simple small screwdriver, but you'll want to look at the bottom of the computer to see if this will effect you -- do you have or can you get the tools to take that whole panel off? Perhaps an Apple dealer can do this service as well (though the card is billed as installable in the home) but here in Italy I did not have that choice. But even though I was a bit frustrated by this problem, the beauty and utility of the whole Airport technology easily makes up for it, hence the perfect score and the enthusiasm.

Another side note: the Airport works in desktop computers as well as laptops, but I'm not sure what the advantage to using it in a desktop would be, since portability of the Internet connection doesn't seem to be of any value if you can't move the computer. Yes, it would save one cable out of the back of the machine, but that hardly seems worth the price of the card and base station. And it does allow several computers to be connected to one broadband line, but the same thing can be achieved with a splitter and a few feet of extra cable that would cost less than $15. It isn't billed this way, but I really see this as hardware for laptops rather than desktops.

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful:

5Absolutely flawless installation and performance, Dec 21, 2022
I've had this wireless card for over 9 months now. It installed in a few minutes on my iBook running OS X. Signal strength has never been an issue. It's worked well on several different access points (Airport and otherwise). A Netgear brand card purchased for an XP laptop in my house failed after 3 months of use ("driver" problem I think). No such problems with my Airport card. Get it and forget it!

2 of 5 people found the following review helpful:

5Easy install, wish it supported 256-bit encryption, Nov 7, 2022
Apple has a great wireless card here with the Airport card. Installation is a snap, and Apple's web site even has a QuickTime movie for you to watch so you can view how to install it step by step. I installed this card, and installed and set up my D-Link wireless router, all within 30 minutes.

The only thing I wish is that it supported 256-bit encryption. The D-Link router (model DI-614+) I got supports 256-bit encryption, as does the proprietary D-Link card that performs the same function as the Airport card. I do not know if the D-Link card is compatible with Apple computers, but it would be worth checking into. However, as higher encryptions slow down one's internet connection, I have stuck with 128-bit encryption, which is the highest encryption the Airport card supports at the time of this writing.

Back to the ease of installing the card, it literally is a snap, and very easy with the video on Apple's website. I highly recommend this product.


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