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The Sims: Vacation Expansion Pack (Mac)
Platform: Macintosh
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Editorial Reviews: Review
Being a Sim must be pretty nice. Through the magic of expansion packs, the little virtual people have been given party favors (House Party), magic genies (Livin' Large), and hot dates (um... Hot Date). With all these creature comforts, what more could a Sim want? Well, how about a family vacation to a luxury fantasy resort? Vacation Island is an idyllic place that has sun, fun, and beaches on one side of the island, snow and skiing on the other, and, in the middle, a forest perfect for camping. A trip to Vacation Island is the perfect reward for your hard-working Sims, and a fun diversion for you--like all Sims expansions, Vacation is full of quirky Sims-style humor, and not everything on Vacation Island is good for your Sims.

A trip to Vacation Island isn't cheap; you have to pay for travel and accommodations for the entire family, as well as entertainment. And just like a real vacation, you can run out of money fast. Thankfully, while on vacation your Sims' needs are slowed down significantly. They're having fun, and you don't have to micromanage them nearly as much as you do at home. This allows you to sit back more and just observe your Sims playing with the often-funny new stuff. Stuff like a boardwalk Whack-a-Will (named for Sims creator Will Wright) game, a guy dressed as a shark who tries to terrorize the tourists, and new activities such as camping, building snowmen, playing volleyball, snuggling on a bear skin rug (or picnic blanket), and hitting the ski courses and snowboard half-pipe. When it's time to go home, your Sims can take a few reminders of the trip, both beneficial (souvenirs that increase happiness) and detrimental (a common tropical illness). Hint: Fans who remember the Brady Bunch Hawaiian vacation episode would do well to learn from Greg Brady's mistake. --Bob Andrews


  • Over 77 new items and things to do
  • Truly expands the game
  • It's probably time for a full-blown sequel Product Description
Take your Sims where they've never been before: on a family vacation. Whether they've been working hard or livin' large, going downtown or partying down, your Sims deserve a break. From a sun-drenched beach to a snow-filled wonderland to a forest campground, Vacation Island offers awide range of fun new activities for your Sims. Take a spin on a carousel or a wild ride on a snow slide, build a snowman or a sandcastle, bring home all sorts of cool new souvenirs, and much more. All-new interactions between parents and children ensure an equal chance for merriment or mayhem, which means that your Sims vacation is sure to be a memorable one... one way or another. Pack up the whole family for the vacation of a lifetime, Sims style.

Product Details
  • CD-ROM (August 30, 2023)
  • ASIN: B00006B178
  • Average Customer Review: 4.0 Based on 10 reviews.
  • Sales Rank: 1071

Customer Reviews

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful:

3Sims Reveiw, Dec 31, 2022
It is actually ok go on one vacation and your sims fall in love make them jealous and make your sims life awful

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful:

2Slower Processors Beware!, Jan 22, 2023
Although my G3 266MHz meets the minimum system requirements on speed, I was a little shy on memory so increased my virtual memory as recommended. However, even then the game was extremely sluggish and slow to the point of crawling. It was pretty much impossible to play with my current computer configuration. If you would like to add this one to your collection, be sure your system meets at least the RECOMMENDED specs, not the minimum and you should have loads of fun.

12 of 17 people found the following review helpful:

3LOTS of fun...once you get it to work, that is., Jan 11, 2023
I eagerly anticipated Maxis' porting of Sims Vacation for Mac. I got it for Christmas, and immediately installed it. BOY was I disappointed. The game was SO SLOW that my Sims couldn't even do anything at home, let alone on Vacation Island. However, I went to the store and bought some more RAM, and tried again. At this point I had almost 1 GB of RAM, which I figured would be more than enough. No dice. The game was still unbelievably slow. I emailed Maxis and they told me to reinstall EVERYTHING.

GRRR! Not exactly what I was hoping to hear. However, once I reinstalled (which took FOREVER, I might add), the game worked beautifully and was a lot of fun. Apparently, the game was so slow because I had installed too many downloads--extra objects, skins, and so on. While this was no problem in Hot Date, evidently the new actions and such in Vacation were too much for it all. This means that now I am playing the game at factory settings with no add-ons. Not as fun as it could be, by any means! Every die-hard Sims fan knows that 75% of the fun is customizing the game with downloads! I'm going to have to start downloading stuff again and adding gradually...ugh.

I would like to give the game 3.5 stars, but Amazon doesn't do half-stars, so I'm leaning more toward 3 stars than 4. The game is a lot of fun once you completely reinstall and start over new, and if you have a TON of RAM in your computer. If you don't want to have to drag over your old stuff to a new install, or start over completely, then you probably shouldn't bother. I don't know if it's worth it. I'll have to play a few more times before I make that decision.

By the way, Maxis says that these issues with slowness and such have been addressed in Unleashed. That's good on one hand, but at the same time, why should we have to fork over ANOTHER $30 just to get decent game play???

15 of 15 people found the following review helpful:

4All I want for Christmas is The Sims: Vacation, Dec 28, 2022
Ever since I have gotten the Sims, so many expansion packs have been released. Many of my friends had all of them and always said they pitied me because I only had the original. So for Christmas, I put the Sims: Vacation and the Sims:Unleashed on my list. I wanted all of the other expansion packs but I knew my parents would never buy me all of them. On Christmas Day I received the Sims: Vacation. Mu parents informed me they had ordered both from yours truly, but unleashed hadn't been released for mac yet. I was a little disappointed that I didn't get unleashed, but nonetheless I was happy. I immediately put "vacation" into my iMac and was stunned. Not only did they have numerous new items such as a miseltoe, a new hottub, a hamster and a buffet table they also had amazing resort spots you can choose to take your sims at vacation island. You can choose from a carnival, beaches, camp spots, or scenic snowy spots where you can rent equitment to build a snowman, have snowball fights, go snowboarding and many other things. You can also create your own resorts or edit ones that are already there. There is also a tent you can rent where you can "play" around with anyone, girl or boy; or "play", cuddle, or kiss in the new hottub. I extremely recommend The Sims: Vacation for Mac. Happy Gaming!

8 of 9 people found the following review helpful:

5The Sims Vacation, yes please!!, Dec 21, 2022
The Sims Vacation must be the best game since......well, The Sims Hot Date I suppose!!
Now instead of just taking your sims downtown, you can go one step further by taking them on holiday.
Relieve them of the stress of everyday life by picking up the phone and calling Vacation Island Tours and choosing whether your sims want to to play volleyball on the beach, camp in the forest or have a snowball fight in the snowy areas.
Vacation is a must have for all sims fans, I love it so much and it's just sooo addictive!!
So choose where you want your sims to go on vacation, let them have loads of fun whilst they are there, and treasure the memories!! Who would have thought that bossing little people around could be so much fun, ENJOY!!!


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