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James Bond 00 7 Ken&barbie
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Editorial Reviews:

Editorial Review
From the briefcase containing Bond’s secret documents, to the cell phone racily strapped to Barbie’s thigh, this pair fairly radiates style and glamour. The Bond figure is modeled on the Pierce Brosnan Bond, and is admirably detailed, including his patented arched eyebrows expressing mock surprise. Both are dressed to the nines and look ready to hit the casinos in Monte Carlo; he in a tuxedo and she in a stunning gold gown. There are stands for both figures so you can pose them as you wish, and a certificate of authenticity. Since this set would have probably sold well even without its high quality, it’s nice to know that Mattel had enough regard for the Bond name to do it right.--David Stoesz

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Customer Reviews

0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:

5The Man With The Golden Girl, Mar 21, 2023
This is one of the finest Barbie gift sets I've ever seen, particularly for the sheer verve of having Ken play a Brioni-suited Pierce Brosnan James Bond. As a man who is a Bondiana collector and a purchaser of Barbies for female collectors this pair really caught my eye. It's the first Barbie collectible I ever purchased for myself.

The details of this set are impressive. Bond is armed with his obligatory black briefcase and Barbie is wearing a cell phone in a garter around her thigh. Her long dress is sheer style in gold, and slit to the hip. This couple is sophisticated, svelte, sexy and deadly. They are stepping out for the evening here to face excitement and danger at the Baccarat table.

Ken's Bond and Barbie's Bond Girl are overflowing with adult ambiance. This is very definitely an adult collector's set. I can't imagine that this set would be much fun for the typical "Barbie-aged" little girl, unless she is very mature and is familiar with the Bond films, an unlikely scenario. And unless the little girl in question is a casino owner's daughter, I can't find much "educational" value here. This Ken and Barbie set is not truly age-appropriate for a young child, and the accessories could very easily be damaged by routine play. Keep them in the box and look at them.

My one minor objection to this set is that although Barbie's character is extremely sensual and attractive, she doesn't represent any particular Bond Girl. Given the care that Mattel lavished on this set, its a shame they didn't create a scene (or a set of scenes) from any of the Bond films. Somebody wasn't thinking. That would be a classic movie tie-in.

0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:

5007 is back with love, Oct 10, 2023
im a big bond collector i have many bond items but i love the barbie and bond together, im always looking for something new and this is really cool. ... 007 is something i really love i have all the james bond 007 toy cars and love them all.all i can say is if you love bond this is a must it looks so cool in my room thanks to everybody who dident forget 007. ... bobby lee 007.

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:

3007 and Barbie, Jun 20, 2023

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:

5Fantastic, Mar 18, 2023
I bought this giftset mainly for the Barbie doll, but the Ken doll looks great as well! His tuxedo is extremely well-made and I love how he has rooted hair instead of painted-on hair. He definitely has the James Bond look. As for Barbie, she's beautiful as always! I love the outer golden layer of the dress, it truly sparkles. The deep burgundy in her dress and wrap add to the elegance. Her necklace and earrings perfectly complement her ensemble. I could imagine her as a seductive Bond girl in any of the Bond movies. The cell phone strapped to her thigh is a cute detail. I also love how Ken's briefcase has real "secret" papers inside of it. Another thumbs-up to Mattel!

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful:

5A good barbie for a collecter, Mar 8, 2023
Collectors of all ages will love this barbie. Both are crafted very well and the "James Bond" theme is very cute.


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