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My Little Pony: Celebration Castle with Pink Sunsparkle Pony
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Accessories for My Little Pony: Celebration Castle with Pink Sunsparkle Pony

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Editorial Reviews:

Editorial Review
"Sunsparkle" Pony's Celebration Castle requires basic construction, but putting it together with a grownup will be a fun adventure, as Pony lovers see the charming structure taking form. Once finished, "Sunsparkle" (an included and somewhat rare Pony) can happily trot around her master bedroom, vanity room, disco, kitchen, and a bathroom. Each room features furnishings or appliances that have clever innovations, such as a stove that doubles as a kitchen sink. There's also a working elevator, full-length mirror, hot air balloon, two balconies, tableware, Pony clothing, and a brush for "Sunsparkle's" mane. As a gift, a sparkling pink, child-sized crown is included. To top it all off, the castle features charming music and flashing lights on the disco dance floor! Required: 3, 1.5-volt "AA" batteries. Diane Beall

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  • Average Customer Review: 3.0 Based on 277 reviews.
  • Sales Rank: 209

Customer Reviews

0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:

5Great Toy, May 17, 2023
I read all the previous reviews and I was concerned about things falling off the castle. However, the only thing that comes apart is the attachable heart and sometimes one side of the hot air balloon which is easy to attach by an adult. I have a 2 1/2 year old and she is not destructive and she LOVES this toy. I think you should disregard all the negative reviews and PURCHASE this toy. I have not regretted it in the month we have had it. The Dance Studio is great, too.
If your child loves My Little Pony then, you HAVE to BUY the CASTLE.

0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:

1my little pony celebration castle, May 15, 2023
This toy is a piece of junk. Keeps falling apart. Would not recommend this toy to anyone.

0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:

3Cute as heck! Be prepared to glue the pieces on., May 15, 2023
I have to give this castle an A + for how it looks. It is just plain cute! The castle comes with some very fun playing pieces, flower pot, kitchen sink that the ponies can open with their magnetic hooves, and, plates and forks that are fun. Cute design. The poor aspects of this toy are: It is poorly manufactured and I was close to taking it back until I decided to super glue the pieces on. After that, I was much more satisfied with the overall product. We threw out the crown - piece of junk that you couldn't wear anyway and the hot air balloon was tossed because it was "tired" looking but I kept the basket part the balloon went on so the ponies could stand on top of the castle. We have a little bit of difficulty getting the music to play when the pony steps on the platform and the stickers were out of control! I am hesitant to buy my little pony playsets, but we love the quality of the ponies themselves and my daugher who is 4 and I have spent a lot of time braiding the ponies hair and brushing them to look cute! Should have bought more ponies instead of the castle...

0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:

4MLP Celebration Castle, May 7, 2023
I got this castle for Christmas a few years ago.
It comes with:
castle: The actual castle has four rooms, and a door and door area. Two rooms are large and there are also two small rooms. The whole castle is a pinkish purple color. I think the door area is yellow, but it might be pink. The door goes up and down. It should go up and down when you flip the switch, but it doesn't go down unless you don't snap it at the top. Then it may fall down. It came unglued, so I'm not sure if the switch will still work. There is a pink heart on the door area, and when a pony puts her foot on it, it plays one of two songs. I like the MLP theme song, but the other song is annoying.
spinning disk: There is a pink disk with a silver heart that snaps onto the door area. The silver heart is a magnet that holds the pony on. I never use this disk because you have to spin the disk instead of a button, and it is hard to spin with a pony on top. Also, the music won't play with this over the heart.
two cups: These go on the top of the castle on the round places. One can hold the balloon.
balloon: The balloon is blue, not white like in the picture. There are white flowers with different colored outlines.
balloon basket: The balloon basket is pink and attaches to the balloon with purple plastic strings. The strings come unattached a lot, but they are easily snapped back on.
bed: A white bed with a pink bedspread goes in the bedroom on the second story. A flower design is on the bedspread.
clothes rack: A blue green clothes rack also can go in the bedroom. It has a rack for hangers and a shelf under the rack.
hanger: one yellow hanger is included to hang a pony skirt on.
skirt: An orange skirt is included that is baby pony sized.
crown: A crown for the baby pony is also included. It is yellow.
teddy bear: A tiny pink teddy bear for the baby pony comes with this castle.
sink: A blue green sink is included. It has two sides to the sink, which can be covered with the white pieces. The pieces flip up with pictures on the other sides when a pony's hoof touches the pink heart on the cabinet. It's funny when you have something sitting in the way- it goes flying!
pot: A pink pot is included that can sit on the cabinet.
spoons: Two pink spoons also come with the castle.
tea set: This set includes an orange tea pot, two orange plates, and two orange cups. They can sit in the window or on the shelves on the cabinet/sink.
vanity: A pink vanity with a mirror goes in one of the smaller rooms. There is a spot to sit something.
toy box: This toy box can go in the bedroom or the other small room. It is orange with shiny stickers and the lid pops up to reveal a teddy bear sticker when a pony hoof touches it.
balconies: two small pink balconies snap onto the smaller rooms and a larger one snaps onto the bedroom.
heart: a pink heart snaps onto the outside of the bedroom.
pink thing: A pink thing, sort of like the heart, snaps on the outside of the door area. It is hard to put on, because the holes for the ends are so far apart you have to stretch it a little to get it on.
crown: a pink crown is included. Mine just sits on top of the castle, because it is way too small and anyway I'm too old to wear this. It came bent up, so it doesn't sit there very good.
pond and steps: A pond like thing snaps onto the front of the castle. Some green plants are painted on around it and there are steps that go to where the door falls. There is a problem: if the ponies stand on the top, which looks like another step, the door will fall on them!
pony: A baby pony, Pink Sunsparkle, comes with the castle. She is a lot prettier than in the picture. She is pinkish purple (a lot darker colored than in the picture!) and she is shiny. Her hair is pink, purple, and yellow. She has a mark on her side and a pink heart on one of her feet. That foot also has a pink MLP magnet that activates the music, cabinet, and toy box.

I think this is an okay castle, it isn't as bad as what people say. The only big problem is the door came unglued. The balloon also needs blown back up a lot, but that isn't really a problem.
You don't need to put the accessories in the rooms I mentioned, but they would look best in these rooms. Actually, the cabinet would have to go in the kitchen, and the bottom room, which has checkered tiles and a refridgerator sticker, could only be the kitchen. Also, the bed is too large to go in the small rooms.

I forgot, there is also an elevator that goes to the second story. I hardly ever use it because it's shaky. If you try to hold the castle and push it up, which makes that easier, the elevator shakes and knocks the accessories down.

There are a few small problems with this castle, but it is an okay dollhouse. It probably wouldn't be good for younger kids because of the elevator part, and there are a few small pieces that could be swallowed.

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful:

1Two thumbs down., May 5, 2023
Don't even bother. Everything falls apart and is highly frustrating to my 3 year old.


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