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1 Modern Circle: Barbie
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  • 1 Modern Circle BarbieĀ® doll has a flair for fashion! She features a reproduction vintage face sculpt and is dressed in a sleek green pantsuit with an aqua camisole underneath.
  • Her simple yet chic accessories include a black choker and coordinating black beaded belt. She carries a cell phone and laptop computer encased in a black faux leather bag, and has long, vibrant orange hair that she wears straight with bangs.
  • Barbie is producer for Modern Circle Production Company.
  • She is secretly in love with Ken, but doesn't know hot to get close to him without professionalism.
  • Barbie also volunteers on weekends as a museum docent and enjoys reading the Sunday paper with her cat on her lap.
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  • Sales Rank: 33229

Customer Reviews

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5One of the most beautiful Barbies ever, Aug 7, 2023
I have been a Barbie collector for over twenty years, and this is one of the most innovative and exciting new designs I have ever seen. She is literally breathtaking; very mod and avant garde, and arrives in a unique box shaped like a triangle, with a modern background printed on the box. She has shocking orange hair, beautiful make-up and her eyes are actually round and protrude slightly from her face just like a real person's. She is carrying a notebook PC and briefcase in one hand and a tiny cell phone in the other. She looks capable of running an office and has a professional executive attitude, from her fashion to her accessories. Barbie has undergone many transformations over the years, but this is one of the most innovative, unique and exciting looks she has ever had, and I hope to see more of this style barbie. So beautiful I bought two of her, one to "play" with and one for display, which she does wonderfully in her triangular box. She exemplifies what women are capable of in the professional world...good "role model" and a positive image for little girls.


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