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Barbie& Ellis W/car My Scen
List Price: $34.99
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  • Average Customer Review: 4.0 Based on 23 reviews.
  • Sales Rank: 10787

Customer Reviews

0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:

5cool toy, Aug 17, 2023
My daughters love the My Scene Barbie & Ellis with car. The car is very cool and has neat accessories.

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5THATS IT!!! , Jul 16, 2023
i hate this war between myscene and bratz, and this is my opinion on the whole thing.......
I think myscene copied a bit off bratz....but you know, i think bratz copied off diva Starz, they were out way b4 bratz and tHey have the same style body, BIG HEAD BIG MGA are just as bad as Mattel cuz they copied too!

0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:

5Cutest Set!, Jul 15, 2023
I love this set very much, and still need to buy it. I love the fact that Ellis (my favorite guy doll) comes in his original outfit. He looks his best in this set, as his head is normal (not looking up strangely like the Club Birthday guys) and there isn't a stupid smile on his face. This is the first Ellis doll made, and is probably the best. He looks very cool here. Barbie is also great in this set, with beautful make up and a very pretty and sleek oufit. I adore her oriental styled shirt. Her hair also looks great here, being slightly wavy.

The car is a great addition to this set. It is black and leopard print seats. There are keys to go with it. The car looks very stylish, and the dolls go great in it. Very cute.

Though Barbie and Ellis come in this set, it does not mean they're "together". He's just giving her a ride. That's why this can be very educational, because it shows that just because a guy is giving a girl a ride somewhere, it dousn't mean they have to like eachother. They're just freinds, and it's cool that they can show that. Girls can have guy friends without having a crush on them.

This set is very cute, and, though it's been out for a while, I still really want it. It's one of my favorites.

P.S. I do wish everyone would stop whining and argueing about who is better, Bratz or My Scene. They are both good for differant reasons, and differant people have a right to have differant opinions. Both Bratz and My Scene are alright, whichever you prefer. But you shouldn't make a big deal about it, especially here. This is a place to talk about what the dolls are like; not to say "this is better than that" and "this suck so buy that".

1 of 6 people found the following review helpful:

BRATZ RULE, CASED CLOSED. (If you dont that then just look at the bratz dolls and compare it to the Myscene and the other cheap dolls. Then you'll say BRATZ RULE, CASE CLOSED.)

1 of 6 people found the following review helpful:

1i hate myscenee, Jun 5, 2023
i hate myscene barzr are better ths barbie look like a hor-e and dso does they boy thats all by by (graje lisa)


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