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NCAA March Madness 2004
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platform: Xbox
List Price: $49.99
Price: $9.98
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ESRB Rating: Everyone
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  • 320 Division I schools, hundreds of crowd chants, fight songs, mascots, and re-created authentic college arenas
  • Coaches Gary Williams of Maryland, Tom Crean of Marquette, and Billy Donovan of Florida provide scouting reports for every team
  • Build your own collegiate dynasty for up to 30 seasons
  • Bust out sweet crossovers, triple threats, post moves, and strip steals with EA Sports Freestyle Control
  • Alter your shot in mid-air to avoid getting blocked, or draw an offensive foul with the Take Charge button
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Accessories for NCAA March Madness 2004

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Editorial Reviews:

Product Description
Electronic Arts (14675) NCAA Mar. M 2004 XBX

Product Details
  • ASIN: B00009X3UY
  • Average Customer Review: 3.5 Based on 21 reviews.
  • Sales Rank: 4775

Customer Reviews

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:

3I had my hopes, but it was not to be..., Jun 18, 2023
I was hoping that EA Sports had taken what they'd done in NCAA Football 2004 and applied it to college basketball. I knew that the potential was there, as NCAA Football 2004 is arguably the best college football game available for the PS2 (if not the best ever). Perhaps the March Madness franchise will deliver eventually, but right now it's an OK game at best.

The gameplay itself is intuitive and entertaining, if a bit repetitive. I went to a small school back East, and decided to play them through a few seasons. I was surprised at how much tension and drama there was once I actually made the Big Dance. That the game generates a random non-conference season for you adds some excitement, as it's fun to see who you'll be playing each season.

However, the focus of my problem with this game, though, is in Dynasty mode, which I consider to be the heart of a sports game. EA Sports seems to have ported over a very basic part of the NCAA Football dynasty engine, and it just doesn't translate very well. First of all, the features in recruiting aren't as deep, so it feels like you're playing a stripped down version of NCAA's recruiting engine. Second, and more important, while it's great for football, where you can recruit 15 or so players, in basketball you can only go after 4, maybe 5 players. As a result, the energy of the recruiting process is totally different. It should be more high-pressure, but it winds up being less interesting, especially if you play with a smaller school that will run out of recruiting points.

Watching my players develop was interesting, but it never captivated me the way it did in NCAA Football 2004. There, I actually bought Madden 2004 only so I could see where my players were drafted. Haven't played a down. I thought I'd do the same with March Madness, but it just hasn't been interesting enough to go to the trouble. By the way, I don't even know if there's a trophy room in MM, but if there is, it's not as good as in NCAA Football.

The bottom line: The gameplay is fine. However, if you love NCAA 2004, and want to see how a great Dynasty mode translates to college hoops, you'll be disappointed by March Madness 2004.

0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:

4SWEET Game, Apr 18, 2023
This game was just what I was looking for. I was reading some other reviews and got kind of nervous because they were saying that this game was sorry. Im glad I got it. The game play is great and the Dynasty mode if fantastic. However, if you enjoy creating teams and players, and want a game just because you like to do that, this is not the game for you. There are about 5 team colors and you dont get to make your uniform like in NCAA Football. The school creating really sucks. But all other parts of the game I love. Great announcing, gameplay, and graphics. I LOVE this game.

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:

5Best Game ever made for XBOX, Apr 14, 2023
The gameplay is amazing. You can play it every day for the next 20 years and it will not get boring. The sounds, Graphics, and gameplay are just amazing. It also has a dynasty mode that is better than NCAA football and may be just as good as the Madden 2004 dynasty mode.

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful:

4NCAA March Madness 2004, Apr 8, 2023
This game is the best college game ever made. If you don't have it you should get it right away.

1 of 3 people found the following review helpful:

4F**** BIG MATT!, Mar 29, 2023
Stop trashing this game. You idiots wouldn't know a good game if it bi***-slapped you in the face. Who gives about stupid little details like 1/4 centimeter logos that are inacurate!


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