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The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring (Prima's Official Strategy Guide)
by Mark Cohen
Publisher: Prima Games
List Price: $14.99
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Edition: Paperback
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Editorial Reviews:

Book Description
The Greatest Adventure Begins . . .
·Every enemy's weaknesses exposed
·Expert hints on close combat, long-range attacks, and magic spells
·Where to find health power-ups when you need them the most
·In-depth walkthrough featuring maps for every area, for both PS®2 and XboxTM
·Secrets to getting what you want from the NPCs
·Exclusive interviews with the art director and Tolkien experts
·How to use the Ring to reveal secret areas filled with power-ups

Product Details
  • Paperback: 208 pages
  • Publisher: Prima Games; edition (Oct 29, 2022)
  • ISBN: 0761540873
  • Average Customer Review: 5.0 Based on 5 reviews.
  • Sales Rank: 328629

Customer Reviews

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful:

5A must have for less than serious gamers!, Jan 10, 2023
I haven't played many games of this type, but I'm a huge Tolkien fan so I decided to try the game. I have to be honest-I couldn't even get out of the Shire ( the first level) until I bought this guide! I ended up using it religiously along the way, because there were many sections where I wouldn't have had any idea what I was supposed to do otherwise. For instance, there's a section in Moria where, without the guide, I would *never* have figured out where I was supposed to go, even though I religiously explore every nook and cranny when playing these types of games.

Once I bought the guide, it took me about a week to finish the game. Since then, I've decided to play it again, without referring to the guide, to see if I can make it all the way through by memory.

The book is very comprehensive, and avoids using terms that the casual gamer wouldn't understand-it doesn't talk over your head, and it's very straight forward and easy to understand. The screen shots are helpful, so that you can see what sections of the game they're referring to.

As a little added perk, this book, while showing you all of the ins and outs, still leaves a couple of tiny goodies out-not essential ones, just a couple little perks, so it still pays to explore as much as possible to see if you can find them. To me, that added to the fun, and I didn't feel like the book was doing *all* of the work for me. For instance, the book doesn't mention that, if you can find Gollum, you can get a little treat from him!

I highly recommend this game guide; in fact, I'm off to the bookstore today to pick up Prima's game guide to another LOTR game!

0 of 8 people found the following review helpful:

5lord of the rings: fellowship of the ring, Dec 15, 2022
This is the first of the three books in the series The Lord of the Rings. In the beginning, a hobbit called Bilbo Baggins celebrates 111th birthday. He then disappears to go live with the Elves in a place called Rivendell, and leaves everything to his nephew, Frodo Baggins, including a mysterious and magical ring that he found long time ago. Frodo is advised by Gandalf to go to Rivendell, and to take the ring, and to never wear it. Gandalf fears that it might be the Ring of Power (the ring that belongs to the evil lord Sauron), so he goes to Rivendell where a council is met. Frodo agrees to take the ring to Mount Doom with the help of others this group form the Fellowship. As they go, they meet various encounters, and in the end of the book, Sauron's army fights the group and steals some of the Hobbits.
I chose to read this book because I heard it was very popular. Also, I heard that the book was a fantasy book tied in with magic, battles, and a great quest. I liked reading it and I knew what was happening because I read the book The Hobbit. Then I decided to read the prologue. I also liked to read the book because it was full of adventure and danger.
My favorite part was when Gandalf faced off the monster in the shadow of the mines of Moria. It started when the Fellowship began to make their way to Isengard. Gandalf decided to lead the group into a climb through the mountains. They noticed a large group of crows flying their way. Figuring that it was some of Sauron's spies, they tried to go through the ice caps of other mountains. Then Saruman the wizard tried to stop them. So they had no choice but to go through the mines of Moria where a monster lives. This is a fire-demon monster that lives. Gandalf tried to fight the monster but Gandalf and the monster fell and the Fellowship thought Gandalf died.

1 of 8 people found the following review helpful:

5Read Me!, May 28, 2023
Lord of the Rings:
The Fellowship of the Ring
By J.R.R. Tolkien

The Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Ring is an action packed magical thriller. It keeps you on edge with every flip of the page.
The book begins with the old Bilbo Baggins planning for his one hundredth and eleventh birthday. Half the Shire's been invited! It looks as though it'll be a night to remember. When Bilbo vanishes during his birthday speech, he leaves the crowd in awe. Seeing as how he is now leaving, for another adventure, and shan't be returning, he leaves his precious Bag End and all his possessions behind. His heir and second cousin one-removed, Frodo Baggins now has to carry the responsibility of taking the One Ring to Mordor to be destroyed.
To get to Mordor, Frodo must leave his beloved Shire and travel through Old forests, empty plains, and rocky mountains. He soon reaches Rivendale, with the help of a strange Rider, Aragorn, and an elf named Arwin. From there, Frodo and his three faithful companions, Merry, Pippin, and Sam become part of the Fellowship of the Ring.
To find out more, read the book!

I found this book to be delightful at all hours of the day for all ages! I highly recommend it if you're looking for a great adventure with out even leaving your couch!

14 of 16 people found the following review helpful:

4A must have if you ..., Dec 23, 2022
This is a must have if you purchase the game. Now this is NOT the best game in the world. It is not advised to even purchase this game, it is slow... You'd be safer to go with the two towers. But if you do buy this game (probably for the same reason I did..which was it is LOTR and I just have to own it) this is the ideal companion for you. The beginning of the game is very very hard. It takes awhile to get around the Ringwraith riders, and when you finally do you go into another part of town where unless y ou know what you are doing you wont be able to find your way out. So dont expect the game to be simple, it isn't much fun, in fact it is quite aggrivating. But if you do buy the game you have to buy this so you actually know what you are doing, and not wandering around like a fool in the I was until I read some of this ;)

1 of 27 people found the following review helpful:

5The Lord of the Rings:The Fellowship of the Ring JRR Tolkien, Oct 7, 2023
Finally, a book I actually like, in and out! Tolkien amazes me with his ability to imagine the diverse characters and places in The Lord of the Rings. This book portrays leadership, and the long enduring of good in an evil world. I am very pleased with the detail that Tolkien puts into the novel so that the reader can understand completely each situation. Tolkien writes the book so that the readers feel as if it could be real. It's an outstanding novel that teaches us that we need to bear our burdens and stick together so that good can prevail in a world of such turmoil.
Tolkien has made me think a lot more about my characteristics and whether or not I would be able to bear the ring. Would I be able to withstandthe temptation of putting on the ring? Or using it's power for my own good? It's an outstanding concept. This book leaves you in anticipation for the next. The suspense of what is going to happen next is nerve-racking.
Overall, I just enjoyed the material, and I feel that Tolkein is a very experienced writer. He knows how to captivate readers, and enthral their minds into the book.


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