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The Sims Makin' Magic : Prima's Official Strategy Guide
by Mark Cohen
Publisher: Prima Games
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Edition: Paperback
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Editorial Reviews:

Book Description
Beware. Your Sims have Magic.
·Strategies for earning MagiCoins and creating spells
·How to raise a well-adjusted Dragon
·Tips for earning exotic spell ingredients
·Expert tips for dueling in the Magic Arena
·Details on spicing up your spells with ingredients from your garden
·How to build a Funhouse
·Complete list of Spell backfires

Product Details
  • Paperback: 240 pages
  • Publisher: Prima Games; edition (Oct 28, 2022)
  • ISBN: 0761544526
  • Average Customer Review: Based on 6 reviews.
  • Sales Rank: 213255

Customer Reviews

3 of 14 people found the following review helpful:

1Didn't buy the book . . . YET, Mar 27, 2023
In my opinion, I don't know wether to get because it is usefull, or not to get it because it isn't usefull. I have been dying to get the Sims Makin Magic since the time my friend told me about it. I own every Sims Expansion pack that there is. The original Sims, The Sims Livin Large, The Sims House Party, The Sims Hot Date, The Sims Unleashed, and The Sims Superstar. I was actually VERY disappointed in the Sims Superstar, but that's what I get for getting it just to spend my hard earned money. I thought that the book would be usefull, but when I heard that there are 240 pages and only 111 are devoted to The Sims Makin Magic, I was kinda bumed. Somebody, PLEASE help me make the write decision! (I only filled in the star because I had to, don't take my word based on the stars, do it based on my most likely unhelpful review because I haven't bought the book yet!)

10 of 10 people found the following review helpful:

2A bit of a disappointment, Mar 25, 2023
I first purchased the expansion pack, Makin' Magic, and played with it for a day or so, and then I purchased this book on the expansion pack hoping for some tips and tricks and some more info on the game. Unfortunately, I didn't find what I was looking for. The book does have some good charts about what spells require which ingrediants and what it takes to do a spell right and takes you for an overview of the game, but there weren't any helpful tips except for one or two. And everything I read in there I had already figured out just by playing the game. There also aren't any cheats in this book like there are for the rest of the books (on the rest of the expansion packs). Overall, I found this to be a bit of a disappointment. If you are buying it with the game then I guess it'd be alright, but if you already bought the game and played around with it for a few hours then you know all this book can tell you.

12 of 17 people found the following review helpful:

1What a waste of my money and time, Jan 8, 2023
I played the game for about five hours and I made notes on spells and charms. I then purchased this book thinking it would give me a complete list of spells and charms and no it doesn't. It did give me everything that I had already wrote down.

It only gave me one other spell and it doesn't say what it does you will just have to try it out and see. It gives you one other charm but it doesn't say what it does you will just have to try it out and see.

I alread know how to play this game, I have every expansion for the Sims, I just wanted a complete spell book and I feel I was robbed.

27 of 30 people found the following review helpful:

5A must-have for any Makin' Magic fan!, Nov 11, 2022
"The Sims Makin' Magic: Prima's Official Strategy Guide" is a great buy! It's chock full of useful tips and information and a must-have for any Makin' Magic fan. The first half of the book is a basic recap of the original "Sims" for anyone who doesn't already know how to play ;-) The second half details "Makin' Magic", everything from how to raise your dragon to spell lists to dueling tips. I found several sections especially helpful...

A chart listing all the spells/charms and cookbook recipes and their ingredients was especially time-saving as I no longer had to keep running back to the family spell book/cookbook to check ingredients. The descriptions of each spell are also listed so you know what to expect and don't end up blowing your hard-earned MagiCoins on ingredients for a spell that doesn't even help you that much.

This strategy guide is also packed with tips on how to complete quests, how to win a duel, where to find rare ingredients, info on magical rewards, funhouse designs, how to hatch a friendly dragon, and a helpful general guide on how to begin your highly rewarding magical career.

32 of 37 people found the following review helpful:

2They Still Don't Get It..., Nov 6, 2022
The Sims Makin Magic, the FINAL expansion pack for the original Sims has just been released. As with every pack, a prima game has released a strategy guide. There is something you have to understand before you purchase this item. Yes, it is helpful in figuring out what to do for the first few days, but almost all the information included you could look up on the internet. Also for the SEVENTH time now, over half of the book is devoted to the original Sims, while only the last part is set aside for the new expansion pack. It says in the book this is for all the people who have only the expansion that the book is talking about, but by this point almost everyone who is buying Makin Magic has at least one other expansion. This book is 240 pages long, and the Makin Magic section doesn't start until page 129. Every time a new expansion comes out, I buy it and the strategy guide, to see if they have changed their ways. I have been disappointed. This is a HUGE waste of trees and resources, not to mention money. The information was very helpful, and they have a FEW pages that I think I might refer to often, but if you really want the info that is in this book, go to and read the transcripts or find a good fan site. You do not need this book to play the game, and the more guides I see in this format, the lower I will rate them because Prima just doesn't get it.


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