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Behind the Wheel Spanish (8 CDs/Complete Illustrated Text & Tapescript)
by Mark Frobose
Publisher: Language Dynamics
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Product Details
  • Audio CD: 207 pages
  • Publisher: Language Dynamics; edition (Apr 7, 2023)
  • ISBN: 1893564428
  • Average Customer Review: 4.0 Based on 26 reviews.
  • Sales Rank: 1306

Customer Reviews

6 of 6 people found the following review helpful:

5Do you commute? Want to learn Spanish? This is for you!, Apr 14, 2023
I hope to learn Spanish to help me get around (and avoid fines or jail) when I drive from California to the southern tip of Argentina -- a dream that keeps me going during my busy working schedule. Whatever your motivation to learn Spanish, this is a great introductory Spanish lesson which produces results when you listen (and reply) as you sip coffee during your drive to work.

I have owned these CD's for about 6 weeks. I am on disc 3 of 8. I already feel like I could get around in the touristy part of Mexico without problem. I cannot speak perfectly, but I can communicate the important things (beer, tequila, food, weather, time, locations, finding things, etc). I have listened to each of these first 3 CD's about 5 times and I am about ready to self-promote myself to the 4th.

I would have promoted myself to the 3rd CD sooner however it would not play properly, it seemed to have an error in the original recording. I emailed the folks who market this program (at with my problem. Within 24 hours they emailed me back saying a new CD3 was en route - no questions asked.

There are a few native Mexican people I work with. I like to practice Spanish with them by asking basic things such as, "I would like some coffee, do you want some too?". Both have complimented me on my pronounciation, which I attribute to the Cd's in this program. This is the only formal Spanish training I have had. I am the most white/European guy you can imagine, this was quite a compliment to me.

As with any language course, the time you put into it will reflect what you get out of it. I have not tried any of the other Spanish courses out there. I found my time was efficently spent in listening to these CD's and there was very little time I was rolling my eyes hoping they would move on to another subject.

In short, I think this is a great way to learn Spanish in your car. I found it efficient, easy to listen to and the customer service was great. I work 6-7 days per week and have 2 kids, I would not take the time to write this if I did not truely mean it. The only significant fault I can think of is that it does not teach you how to say "beer". However Luis (the Mexican speaker on the tapes) does seem to have a taste for tequila...

24 of 24 people found the following review helpful:

5Better Than Pimsleur or Learn In Your Car, Mar 18, 2023
My hearty congratulations to Language Dynamics for having produced what I consider to be the industry standard in professional, high quality Spanish instruction without the hassle. Both the American instructor (sounds like a friendly college professor) and the Spanish speaker are both excellent and really teach you Spanish.
I personally prefer Behind the Wheel Spanish 8 CD with text over Pimsleur Spanish and Learn in Your Car Spanish, both of which I have tried and since returned.
Behind the Wheel Spanish is better than Pimsleur because you have multiple tracks and don't have to keep your finger on the fast forward button to get to where you want to go.
If you fast forward with Pimsleur, you miss the graduated interval recall benefit which is programmed into the course. Too rigid for me.
Learn in Your Car doesn't provide you with the sentence building techniques that makes Behind the Wheel Spanish so effective. I was actually 'communicating' with my own sentences after just a little over 35 minutes with this course. Amazing.
Behind the Wheel Spanish is by far the best Spanish course I have tried because it gives you abundant and reusable templates that you form on your own to create your own specific communication. This is far better than the competition.
Both Learn in Your Car and Pimsleur give repetitions at the same native speed. Language Dynamics gives you the first Spanish repetition a little slower so you can understand and imitate the pronunciation more effectively. They then gives you a second Spanish repetiition at native speed. Much better.
Lt's not forget that Behind the Wheel Spanish is the only one on the market that includes
rea-life idiomatic of folk expressions like 'I stuck my foot in my mouth' and 'I got up on the wrong sde of the bed'. I mean, NOBODY has this stuff but Language Dynamics.
Last and certainly not least, Behind the Wheel Spanish comes with a 200 page book with drawings and English right under the Spanish. The answers are right there too so it's a no brainer.
My results speak for themselves. This course really works.

23 of 23 people found the following review helpful:

5Better Than 'Learn in Your Car Spanish', Jan 1, 2023
Several months ago, for my birthday, I received 'Learn in Your Car Spanish' which didn't work for me and I later exchanged it (happily for me) for Behind the Wheel Spanish 1.
I couldn't be more pleased with the course, the method, the approach, and the fast and easy way I was able to learn to speak, understand, and even read and write Spanish.
In just two months I am now being touted as being 'semi-fluent' in Spanish (something I'm sure would never have been possible with other courses) and I have just purchased the sequel Behind the Wheel Spanish 2 to continue my voyage to fluency.
This method is exceptional. It is so natural that you really learn without the stress and hassle. I highly recommend it.

28 of 29 people found the following review helpful:

5Perfect Car Spanish Course, Nov 27, 2022
I just had to take a minute to comment on the results I have gotten from Behind the Wheel Spanish. In a word, it is the PERFECT way to learn Spanish in the car. My reasons for thinking so are as follows:
1. Unlike Pimsleur, which has just one long tedious track,
Language Dynamics' Behind the Wheel Spanish has MULTIPLE TRACKS which make reviewing and moving forward a breeze while driving.
2. The course has a built in review system so that even if I don't get around to changing tracks, I know that the material is going to be reviewed and that I am sure to learn anyway.
3. The native speaker's voice (which is excellent) is ALWAYS repeated TWICE which gives me time to review and get the accent right, no matter what is going on in my car at the time (ie screaming kids, husband, in laws, etc ..).
The above points refer only to my opinion of the overall physical structure of the course and how it compliments the busy driver while learning to speak Spanish. I haven't mentioned the most important aspect of Behind the Wheel Spanish which is the unique and exceptional METHOD. It is so fast and easy that I was speaking basic Spanish sentences after my first commute.

14 of 15 people found the following review helpful:

5What a Great Car Spanish Course!!,, Nov 19, 2022
I really love my Behind the Wheel Spanish course. The native speaker always repeats everything twice so that I can get the accent right from the start.
The American instructor is clear in his explanations.
Unlike Pimsleur courses which have just one track so your stuck rewinding all the time, Behind the Wheel Spanish has multiple tracks which makes reviewing a breeze.
My results speak for themselves. I have learned to speak and understand a great deal of authentic Spanish in just a few hours a week. My biggest hurdle was getting started and finding the time. Learning 'Behind the Wheel' worked out great for me because I was already 'there' anyway. All I needed was a fast and easy to use course which was really effective. I found it and now so have you. I suggest you buy it and use it daily if you are really serious about learning to really speak and understand Spanish fast.


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