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Bosch 4000-07 10" Worksite Table Saw with Folding Steel Stand
Price: $499.00
Availability: Usually ships in 24 hours
1 used & new from: $675.95
  • Large tabletop measures 29 by 21-1/2 inches (width by length)
  • 4.4-horsepower 15 amp motor delivers excellent power
  • Soft-start technology ensures smoother start-ups and quieter performance
  • Precision rip fence with Square-Lock technology delivers precise cuts every time
  • Response system senses torque demand and instantly delivers more power to the blade
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Price: $499.00
Availability: Usually ships in 24 hours
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Price: $675.95
Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 business days
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Editorial Reviews:

Product Description
Bosch 4000-07 Features Powerful 15 Amp, 4.4 HP max. tool output - Power to tackle any material. Precision rip fence with patented "square-lock" technology provides accuracy with every cut. Soft start for quieter, smoother start-ups. Constant ResponseTM Circuitry constantly monitors torque demand and instantly delivers additional power, plus protects against overload Large machined aluminum table top 29x21-1/2 easily handles bigger stock. Integrated cutting rail system extends to a full 25 rip cutting capacity. Arbor lock allows single wrench blade changes. Cord Wrap - Cord is coiled up for transport and storage. Double insulated, UL listed, complies to OSHA. On Board storage system - Locks down rip fence, miter gauge and blade tote for transporting. Includes 40-Tooth carbide blade -- BB1040, Blade wrench -- 2 610 911 565, Hex key -- 2 610 998 551, Storage Tote -- TS1011, Folding Portable Stand -- TS1000, Miter Gauge -- 2 610 997 204 Review
Bosch's 10-inch Worksite table saw might just be the best of the current bunch. Benchtop table saws--which weigh 60 to 100 pounds and are light enough for one person to carry from the truck to the job site--have increased in popularity in recent years. They set up easily on a workbench or sawhorses and generally feature stable components that make them great for pros and serious hobbyists alike. Although at 60 pounds the Bosch is lighter than any other saw in its class, this saw is no lightweight. It sports a die-cast undercarriage and powerful 4.4-horsepower, 15 amp motor--burly components that make it a serious, albeit slight, contender. Conveniently, the Bosch comes ready to use right out of the box; we were making cuts about 10 minutes after the UPS delivery. Plus, it's the only benchtop table saw with an arbor lock, so mounting the blade is a one-wrench affair (less chance for busted knuckles). The wrench--like all those that come with Bosch tools--is forged, rather than stamped, and so there are no sharp edges that dig into your hand during blade changes. It's a small detail, but one that matters and one that's typical of the attention to detail paid by Bosch engineers.

A flip of the paddle-style on/off switch initiates the soft-start electronics, which ramp the blade up to speed quickly without any disturbing jolt. The electronic feedback, popular on many saws today, keeps the blade turning at a constant speed, no matter what the load. The fence is the heart of any table saw and we found Bosch's to be a beauty. It's well machined and locks securely and accurately to the table. The cam-lock handle is padded, seats flush, and feels good to use. Like the comparable DeWalt saw, the Bosch features an extendable fence that makes it easy to rip four-by-eight panel material. It feels solid and slides smoothly, and the scales are easy to read. (There's even a built-in magnifying glass to cut down on the squint factor.) As with all the new Bosch tools, wrenches and removable items store nicely onboard the saw. The fence snaps into a holder on the side of the saw and stays put, and the miter gauge slides into a slot on the front of the tool--yet another small detail that we appreciate. The bottom line? The Bosch is a powerful saw that handles big stock without bogging down. --Mark McDonald

Product Details
  • Average Customer Review: 4.5 Based on 117 reviews.
  • Sales Rank: 395

Customer Reviews

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful:

5THE Best portable table saw EVER, Apr 30, 2023
I have been a carpenter for over 20 years. I have never used a portable table saw as nice as this one. Very Happy

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:

4Excellent saw but now having problems, Apr 16, 2023
I've owned my saw for almost 2 years and I do finish carpentry along with some general carpentry and I am always loading and unloading this thing from my truck. I love the acurracy, smooth start and steady power. I have always had problems changing the saw blade because the inside blade gaurd gets in the way when taking the blade on and off. I've had to grind the corners off the gaurd to eliminate this problem. More recently the mechanism that tilts the blade wont tighten up and I can't figure out how to adjust this, now I have to take it in to a service center. Also the stand has problems locking in the upright position.
This sounds like I dont like the saw but I really do, I am just frustrated with these issues and I dont have time to drop my saw off for several weeks while it gets repaired.

6 of 6 people found the following review helpful:

4No Portable Saw Deserves 5, But This Is The Best By Far, Mar 28, 2023
I'm a home remodeler, so I really pay attention to the portability of a job site table saw, as well as its performance. On both of these levels, the Bosch is simply the best. I've used, owned, or researched just about every job site saw out there from the major manufacturers, and side by side, there really is no competition. I know a lot of folks eventually pit the Bosch against the DeWalt, however, I found it impossible to believe that the DeWalt fence system, as smooth as it is, can withstand the day-to-day abuse a job site saw must endure. Yes, the table top of the Bosch is easily marred, and the splitter ain't worth a damn; however, for what it is, and what it is supposed to do, the Bosch is the one to get.

Oh yeah, as I stated above, no portable table saw out there, not even the Bosch, merits a 5 star rating. The very nature and purpose of a portable table saw means that some things must be sacrificed in its engineering and construction, usually on the performace end, or on the portability end (sometimes both!) It just seems crazy to me to expect the performance of a cabinet saw when portability is required as well. Something's gotta give!!!

8 of 8 people found the following review helpful:

5Powerful, Portable, and User-friendly, Feb 27, 2023
I purchased this saw about 9 months ago after comparing it to the comparable DeWalt 744S job site table saw. Strong points abut the DeWalt saw were the accurate fence and the Teflon-coated top. Pluses for the Bosch saw that swayed me over the DeWalt saw were the included side and rear supports, soft start, larger top, and the outstanding folding stand.

I'm a novice user, but found it easy to rip knotty pine furring strips and maple cabinet molding for a kitchen renovation. The fence was smooth, easy to read, and accurate. The start/kill switch, depth, and miter controls were accessible and easy to use. I appreciated the soft start feature and the ample power from the motor (surprisingly not that loud). I easily moved the table and stand (separately) from my basement to the first-floor renovation area. The storage areas for the extra blade, fence, and cord were well designed.

However, the anti-kickback mechanism seemed to catch the work occasionally. The table is easily marred, although regular waxing helps. I do not recommend the dust collection bag as it did very little to capture any dust.

Overall, I would highly recommend this saw to anyone wanting an accurate, dependable, user-friendly, portable table saw.

7 of 8 people found the following review helpful:

1BAD MOTOR, Feb 8, 2023
The short warranty on this motor was a good idea from Bosch perspective. This motor can not handle hardwood very well. It burned up three weeks after the warranty expired. Bosch couldn't care less. Buy something else.


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