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Apple 4 GB iPod Mini Pink M9435LL/A
List Price: $349.99
Availability: This product is not available from any Amazon merchant. Please check for New and Used availability below.
16 used & new from: $179.99
  • More than 8 hour battery life on a 3 hour charge (1-hour fast charge to 80% capacity)
  • Comes with earbud headphones, belt clip, AC adapter, FireWire cable, and USB 2.0 cable
  • 4 GB model holds up to 1,000 songs; supports MP3, AAC, WAV, MP3 VBR, Audible (6), and AIFF formats
  • Mac and Windows compatible; FireWire and USB 2.0 interface for fastest digital transfer available
  • 1.67 inch (diagonal) backlit screen displays full song names and more
12 New from $218.67
2 Used from $222.00
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Editorial Reviews:

Product Description
4GB hard drive holds approximately: * 133 hours of music at 64 kbps * 66 hours at 128 kbps * other bitrates also supported * plays MP3, WAV, AAC, AIFF (uncompressed), and Audible files *

Product Details
  • Average Customer Review: 4.0 Based on 471 reviews.
  • Sales Rank: 466

Customer Reviews

0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:

5My new necessity, May 6, 2023
I'm glad I waited to get my iPod Mini cause the newer version of the 4GB is the best investment I have made. The Mini is compact enough to wear on your pants pocket or belt without much thought to it being there.

It has many uses, it can be used as an alarm, to hold contacts, important dates and so on...I was very impressed and not to forget it holds music too! I will probally not have more than 500 song on it but I'm glad I made the purchase I used it at work for the first time today and my ears did not hurt to much after 6 hours of constant wearing (make sure you used the ear pads included!).

Grab a dock and iPod case (I like the Belkin Pink case), that's about all you need!

Make sure you go to Apple's website and check out the info on battery life and the to do's and not to do's it will truly help you and the life of your battery.

I purchased mine at Best Buy and my advice is to go with their 3 year warranty cause they can replace your battery in store without having to wait 6-8 weeks for AppleCare to get back to you and Apple's cost twice as much as Best Buy's. Trust me it will be worth it!


0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:

2Wonderful product---when it works, May 3, 2023
I received the 4gb iPod mini as a Christmas gift, and I must say I was ecstatic to get it. Shortly after, however, I started noticing problems with it. On certain songs it would play about 10 seconds into and then either freeze or pause and then skip to the next song. At first this was only a minor irritation, but it soon grew into a nuisance. It turns out Apple had sent me an iPod with a corrupt hard drive (which from what I understood from online forums and the tech support at the apple store is not a uncommon occurance). I was rather impressed with the speed at which they replaced it (especially since mine is a personalized one and I wanted to keep the personalization). I have recently encountered a new problem: the display is broken. It is, for the most part, blank (as if the iPod was turned off), when it is on and even playing music. This is most frustrating as it makes it very difficult to select the music I want to listen to. What makes it even more difficult is that the best way to get the display to turn on is to push the menu button (making attempts to select music even more frustrating as its sets me back a step). I have not yet visited the apple store in regards to this problem, but I will be incredibly irrate if they do not replace it, as I have done nothing to it to warrant such a malfunction. (I have also tried reformatting it and resetting it) Now don't get me wrong--the iPod is a very addictive device. Unfortunately it is this very quality that makes it difficult to live without it during repairs.

Apple also has horrendous tech support; the only way to get any useful information (i.e. anything besides make sure the hold button is not on if the it is not turning on) is to go to the apple store (an hour drive for me). Apple also charges 50 dollars for a call to their phone support after 90 days from the purchase. They do offer a support package (I believe it extends the warranty and gives you free phone support) but it costs somewhere around 70 bucks. Apple can also charge up to a 100 dollar diagnostic fee for iPods sent in for repairs that are not covered under warranty. I do not know if they would actually charge someone that, but I do no have enough money to risk it. I am then left with only the option of driving to the apple store, which is rather frustrating.

In conclusion, the iPod is a wonderful product--when it works. I also think that if Apple is content to sell such a shoddily constructed product, they should make their tech support a lot better. I would reccomend that anyone who is interested in purchasing a large capacity mp3 player look to other similar devices by other companies (i.e. dell).

1 of 2 people found the following review helpful:

5My baby!, Apr 30, 2023
I adore my iPod! I update it and charge it every day and I've become so protective of it that I'm ashamed.

The sound quality is stunning- the iTunes that it comes with manages to improve upon the digital music files. The touch wheel will keep you amused for hours. Plus, it comes with a calendar, a contacts list, and four games (solitaire, javanoid, a quiz on your own music, and "parachute"), as well as an alarm clock and sleep feature that I use every night.

If you are hesitant because of the amount of songs it holds- "only" 1000, let me tell you that I have had my iPod for almost 8 months now and I've only filled it halfway. If you are a HUGE music buff, you MIGHT exceed the 4 GB limit, but I have a friend who is forever downloading music and has over 30 CDs, and she still hasn't reached 1000 songs. The color never fades or scratches off, and now laser engraving is free on the Apple site. (Buy it there- it's totally worth it!)

2 of 3 people found the following review helpful:

5Great for music teachers, Apr 24, 2023
I recieved the ipod mini as a Christmas gift from my parents and have really enjoyed it. I am in the process of preparing for a spring musical program and decided to try using the ipod mini instead of the cd's. With a little rigging (running the ipod mini through an inexpensive wireless karoke mic) I can move around the cafeteria as we rehearse on stage. I am no longer having to run back to the stereo to stop the music to fix a problem which allows me to better hear the students from all areas of the cafeteria for sound and balance. I have complete control over songs and volume and am very mobile with the ipod mini on the armband. I also like the fact that the song titles are on the ipod mini so I do not have to worry about accidentally playing the wrong track. It is also a good way to introduce technology to elementary students as they all are curious about the box strapped to my arm. The only problem is that when I am driving my car and listening to the songs on shuffle as I like to do, these songs pop up and they are not quite what I want to hear on the weekends and afterschool but I can bear with it for a few weeks then the program songs will be removed. Ideally it would be good to have one for home and one for work as I am really seeing posabilities in the classroom and the best part is that I no longer have to haul my boombox from my classroom to the cafeteria and back everyday. Everything is on my arm. I just unplug and go. Plus, it would be nice to have all of my CD's in one place in order to save time, as I said all sorts of possabilites for classroom use. The sound is great too, I hear things in songs I've never heard before.

5 of 5 people found the following review helpful:

I got an iPod Mini a few motnhs ago and loved it from day one. The best part about it is obviously it's whopping 4GB of memory, and the slim, sleek design. The screen is also very easy to read, and ClickWheel navigation is also very simple. Here's a short overview of my opinions:

- sleek design
- lots of memory
- you can put lrics on your iPod and read them on your iPod screen
- worth the money
- make your friends jealous

CONS (a surprisingly large amount):
- poor battery performance. the box says that it can go for 18 hours on a single charge, but they really mean about 5 hours if you're lucky
- annoying 'iTunes' is the only way to put songs on - not the simple click and drag method i used for my previous mp3 player
- can't delete songs directly on the iPod - have to connect to your computer and sync it
- VERY DIFFICULT to install software onto Windows computers

but overall, iPods are really cool!


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