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Nature's Touch Baby Papasan Cradle Swing
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Price: $129.99
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Editorial Reviews:

Editorial Review
Adding a little bit of extra comfort to baby’s world is always a wonderful thing and this big cushy chair from Nature’s Touch provides a lovely place for baby to either hang out and be entertained or take a quick snooze. It’s modeled after the popular Papasan chairs that are so often the purview only of grown-ups. In addition to the well-padded seat, there is a mobile of pleasant toys and a selection of electronic music, which we found to be much more soothing than is often the case and, mercifully, with adjustable volume. The seat can be set for swing or cradle setting and the liner is detachable and machine washable. --Charlie Williams

Product Details
  • Average Customer Review: 4.5 Based on 134 reviews.
  • Sales Rank: 10

Customer Reviews

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:

5THE BEST SWING!!!, May 5, 2023
This swing was a God send. Initially when I saw it to add to my registry I thought it looked nice and cozy with all the plush swaddling surrounding in the seat; I had no idea it would be such a KEY item for my son. My first son never enjoyed his swing, I wont mention the make but it wasnt Fisher Price. Anyhow, this swing was a definite great choice, my son practically lives in it. At night he likes to swing back and forth and sets the pace for the night and during the day he swings from side to side. He loves it, the swinging and the music. I havent gotten past the first settings with the lullabies but all of the sounds are great. I even find myself getting sleepy hearing them. It was a great buy and I definitely recommend it. I put my son in it at about a month and a half and he was only 7 lbs 9 oz. which is a nice size but not too big- by that time he had to be 8 lbs at least. I think the positioning of the seat makes it more comfortable for a smaller baby, and the more upright seating as they get older and bigger.

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:

5Life saver!!!, Apr 29, 2023
This is by far the best swing there is. It allows the baby to be swaddled, which they usually love. Also to choose which direction to swing is a plus. The only problem I had with it was because my daughter was just under 6 pounds when she was born and it seemed to swing too hard, we had to add a heavy blanket to make it slow some, but now it is just perfect. The nature sounds are so peaceful she really has enjoyed this. It is worth every cent!!

6 of 8 people found the following review helpful:

2Not Made With Baby in Mind, Apr 25, 2023
Age recommendation is too young - our 7 lb baby was too small to swing at the lowest setting - we thought the swing was going to throw her out (kinda hard to strap in a swaddled infant). She's older and heavier now (11 weeks), but now that she can focus on things like the mobile overhead, I've realized that whoever designed this wasn't thinking about what a baby looking upward would be looking at. If you look at the little birdie, butterfly, and firefly on the mobile, they're all facing outward, which is great for someone standing up and looking down at the swing (guessing your baby, like mine, won't be doing that). That's just wonderful if you're worried about aesthetics with this thing maybe decorating your family room; but for a baby, the only thing they can see is the rounded mirror facing downward (too warped to really see themselves), and the underside of the leaves (boring). There's nothing to entertain them. If all you want out of a swing is for your baby to be lulled to sleep, this one's expensive for that one and only purpose. If you wanted something more, please note there's no entertainment value to this swing. This swing was not designed to stimulate your awake baby while you do something else (free your hands for a break?). The Aquarium Cradle Swing by the same manufacturer looks to be a better product for less money. I wish I had noticed that before we got this one - if I could, I'd return this.

2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:

5Great swing- perfect for naps, Apr 25, 2023
This swing is very quiet, has a lot of options (several different music choices, speeds, direction of swinging, etc). It is a great place for a nap. The mobile also entertains my 5 week old. The colors blend in nicely with my living room so it doesn't scream BABY! I like that it has nature sounds as well.

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:

5A must have product !, Apr 25, 2023
This is one of the best baby gear buys we made. This swing is awesome. It is a little more expensive than other models, but it is well worth it. The seat is very comfy and cozy. My 7 week old absolutely loves it and he is always looking in the keeps him content for hours. The spinning birds and bugs are cute too. The fact that it is a neutral color makes it a great product for boys or girls and will match just about any home decor.


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