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The All New Ultimate Bread Machine Cookbook: 101 Brand New Irresistible Foolproof Recipes For Family And Friends
by Tom Lacalamita
Publisher: Fireside
Studio: Fireside
Label: Fireside
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Editorial Reviews:

Book Description

Tom Lacalamita's The Ultimate Bread Machine Cookbook showed how easy it was to have freshly baked, delicious, and nutritious bread anytime. Now comes The All-New Ultimate Bread Machine Cookbook: 101 Brand-New, Irresistible, Foolproof Recipes for Family and Friends, which presents recipes suitable for making 1 1/2- and 2-pound loaves, using the new ingredients now readily available.

Here you will find mouth-watering recipes for Sourdough White Bread and Sweet Bread. Imagine the sights and smells of Cinnamon-Raisin Bread and Cornmeal Honey Loaf coming hot from your bread machine. There are also recipes for traditional favorites such as French Bread as well as crowd pleasers such as Black-Olive-and-Rosemary Bread and Coconut-Pecan Coffee Cake. And it's so easy! Just add the ingredients, push a button, and imagine the compliments you'll get from your family and friends, as if you'd worked long hours in a hot kitchen!

The All-New Ultimate Bread Machine Cookbook offers the whole range of breads, from white to rye. For the diet conscious there is information on gluten-free breads, and for parents there are lots of family- and kid-friendly breads and treats, including Peanut-Butter-and-Jelly Bread and-Funny as a Monkey Chocolate-Crumb Pull-Apart Bread.

This is the new ultimate bread machine cookbook for the new ultimate bread machine cook!

Product Details
  • Paperback: 208 pages
  • Publisher: Fireside; edition (Oct 22, 2022)
  • ISBN: 0684855283
  • Average Customer Review: 3.5 Based on 12 reviews.
  • Sales Rank: 245449

Customer Reviews

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:

5fill your kitchen with a heavenly aroma, Mar 10, 2023
If you can make good bread to serve family and friends, your reputation as a cook is assured, even if you don't have time to tackle recipes like creme brulee or seven-layer coconut cake!

As an experienced baker who began with wholegrain loaves back in my pre-machine La Leche league days, I found Tom Lacalamita's clearly written, wide-ranging collection of bread recipes to be a marvelous resource. From family favorites, such as cinnamon-raisin bread, to more exotic ventures like
Pesto-and-toasted walnut bread, this book will make it easy to fill your kitchen with the indescribably delicious odor of baking bread.

You can also use the recipes to make bulk mixes to store in the refrigerator, adding yeast and liquid when it's time to fill the bread machine.

"Artisan" bread is increasingly popular at your local deli, and there are recipes here to make your own; semolina bread, olive and rosemary, tomato and basil, farmhouse potato, and many others--all with little effort and spectacular results.

If you use the timer on your appliance, your famiy can wake up to the enticing get-out-of-bed aroma of fresh bread, as we have done for many years.

I recommend this book as a "must-have" for your culinary repertoire!

5 of 5 people found the following review helpful:

4Great source for exotic bread recipes, Jun 16, 2023
This is an excellent introductory recipe book - I would highly recommend it. I have tried the Homey White Bread, Olive and Rosemary bread, bagels, pizza dough focaccia and pumpernickel and I have been extremely impressed with how like the 'real' thing they are - especially the bagels, which I now routinely make on a weekend to stock up because they are infinitely better than supermarket bagels. The pizza and focaccia bread recipes are also perfect.
I think the book lacks a good basic white and brown (wheat)bread recipe - many of the white bread recipes I tried were a little too sweet - almost like cakes, and I have been searching for a recipe for a 'good crusty on the outside and squidgy on the inside' European white bread for some time now.
Overall, this is a great book and explanatory enough to allow you to be creative once you get the hang of things.

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful:

3A good book for beginners, Oct 8, 2023
This is my first bread machine book. I have tried a few recipes. The brioche was not great but was acceptable. I have made the cinnamon raisin bread and homestyle white which are great.

9 of 9 people found the following review helpful:

1Basic Recipie Did Not Work, Apr 3, 2023
The cookbook gave many variations to the basic recipies and looked interesting.
The "Basic European White Bread" was the first recipie I tried.
The first time I didn't notice that there was not enough water shown for this recipie. Since my breadmachine can't be reset I got to throw out the batch (one hard lump and a bunch of liquid).
I tried the recipie again and I did not make a mistake with the ingredients but the recipie is totally off. It needs about 2 cups instead of 1 cup, as shown.

Glad I got the book at the library and didn't waste my money!

11 of 13 people found the following review helpful:

1I'm so disappointed, Apr 17, 2023
Made the sourdough recipe twice (I thought perhaps I had made a mistake the first time). Both times it came rising out of the machine, stuck to the lid, down the sides, etc. I know my machine takes a maximum 1.5 pound loaf - and that's the recipe I used. 1.5 pound loaves bake OK with the cookbook that came with the machine. Finally got the recipe to work using 1/2 of the 2 pound recipe. Now I'm wondering if I have to recalculate all the recipes. I'm afraid to try any others.

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