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Erin Brockovich (2000)
Studio: Universal/MCA
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Editorial Reviews: essential video
Much will be made of Julia Roberts's wardrobe in Erin Brockovich--a brash parade of daring hemlines and Wonderbra confidence. Roberts is unabashedly sexy in the title role of this fact-based comedy-drama, but she and director Steven Soderbergh are far too intelligent to rely solely on high heels and cleavage. Susannah Grant's brassy screenplay fuels this winning combination of star, director, and material, firing on all pistons with maximum efficiency. With Ed Lachman, his noted cinematographer from The Limey, Soderbergh tackles this A-list project with the fervor of an independent, combining a no-frills look with kinetic panache and the same brisk editorial style he used in the justly celebrated Out of Sight.

Broke and desperate, the twice-divorced single mom Erin bosses her way into a clerical job with attorney Ed Masry (Albert Finney), who's indebted to Erin after failing to win her traffic-injury case. Erin is soon focused on suspicious connections between a mighty power company, its abuse of toxic chromium, and the poisoned water supply of Hinkley, California, where locals have suffered a legacy of death and disease. Matching the dramatic potency of Norma Rae and Silkwood, Erin Brockovich filters cold facts through warm humanity, especially in Erin's rapport with dying victims and her relationship with George (superbly played by Aaron Eckhart), a Harley-riding neighbor who offers more devotion than Erin's ever known. Surely some of these details have been embellished for dramatic effect, but the factual basis of Erin Brockovich adds a boost of satisfaction, proving that greed, neglect, and corporate arrogance are no match against a passionate crusader. (Trivia note: The real Erin Brockovich appears briefly as a diner waitress.) --Jeff Shannon

Product Details
  • Starring: Julia Roberts, Albert Finney
  • Director: Steven Soderbergh
  • Format: Color, Closed-captioned, NTSC
  • Rated: R (Restricted)
  • Studio: Universal/MCA
  • Video Release Date: August 13, 2023
  • Running Time: 132
  • Language: E (E), O (O)
  • ASIN: B00003CXFU
  • Average Customer Review: 4.0 Based on 274 reviews.
  • Sales Rank: 800

Customer Reviews

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:

5Awesome, Jul 7, 2023
Julia Roberts delivers my second favorite performance my first being Pretty Woman well worth the Oscar I love that scene where the guy asks her for her number? Saucy. Julia is at her best here in a story that touches you in a fundamental way and shows that the determination of one person can make a difference. Inspiring!!!

0 of 1 people found the following review helpful:

2Disappointing, Jul 6, 2023
I just can't find the Oscar material here. Keep in mind Steven Soderbergh is one of my favorite directors ("The Limey" is destined to be a classic, I believe) and yes, the film is well shot and edited, but I find the subject matter... well, boring and predictable. I'm told by female friends that Erin is a "hero" to them. Hm? Single mom dresses and talks like a prostitute, has an uncontrollable temper, and takes everything personally, and wonders why people won't give her a break. Ok.... Single mom can't pay the phone bills but seems to have an endless supply of cash for spiked-heeled shoes. Am I leaving anything out? Oh, right: Once the class action suit is in place, the participants are more comfortable with her than the trained lawyers. Very nice, people skills are important in the legal profession. So is knowledge of the law! This is a blueprint for a heroine?

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:

5MASTERPIECE, Jun 26, 2023
Loved it - features the best performance from an actress to date this decade. Julia Roberts was pitch perfect. Albert Finney deserved his accolades as well. I would have given it the best picture Oscar in 2000. Julia Roberts is always a joy to watch.

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:

5Well worth seeing, Mar 20, 2023
There still ARE people like Erin Brockovich who care about others in this world, and who are willing to put themselves on the line to try to make a difference, and if you aren't inspired & warmed (& entertained) by this tale, you must be comatose.

I know what I'm talking about because I once went on a similar crusade with the legal system to try to help some teenagers I didn't initially know from Adam, and I got all the flack, mistrust, etc. that Erin got. When I saw this movie, everything rang true - that's how it really happens in life.

Our whole family watched this DVD together (we have daughters in junior high & high school) and despite the language and "R" rating, I think it was excellent for them to get such a realistic look at the world's problems & such a positive message about the impact we as individuals can have when we take a stand on something.

1 of 6 people found the following review helpful:

2Asking for movies/DVDs for the whole family, Mar 3, 2023
It is such a waste! That's the first thing that came to mind after watching this DVD. Why? Because for a movie with such a good story line, it was fouled by Julia Robert's cursings, swearings etc. You may call me a prude, that's alright. But definitely to purchase a DVD for keeps and where the whole family can watch, this DVD is definitely out for me. In this day and age of the DVD, and not just movie theaters alone, it would be real nice for producers, directors, script writers etc. to realize that the money is to be made too through the sale of DVDs where the whole family can watch.


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