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Welcome to Sudbury Play Day!

Join us on Tuesdays from 10 am to 12 pm for fun and friends in the lively atmosphere of the Hudson Valley Sudbury School. Our Play Day program is a chance for children ages 2-4 to experience a "big school" environment with kids their own age and older, while in the company of their parent or guardian. The program includes playing and climbing in the play room, art and projects in the art room, snacks and cooking in the kitchen, romping outside, and quiet activities in the library. The program is free of charge.

For parents, it's a chance to have fun with your child and with other parents and kids. It's a unique opportunity to learn about Sudbury education and see it in action, as well as get a feel for the school community.

The first step is to attend an Information Meeting at the Hudson Valley Sudbury School calendar. Parent information and registration forms are available at the school or by downloading PlayDayInfoPacket2007.pdf.

"I bring my little ones to Sudbury Play Day so they can have fun and be with other kids, and so that their transition into the school next year will be easier. I don't want my kids pressured to fit into 'the box.' I want them to be free to develop their skills and interests in their own way and in their own time. I trust that self-motivation and confidence are the result of giving them the freedom to choose their own direction. The Hudson Valley Sudbury School provides a safe, supportive environment in which this can happen."

— Nina JeckerByrne, Parent of three sons: An HVSS student age 13 and twins age 4.

121 Telly Street, Kingston, NY 845.619.8492[email protected]