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Articles and Books about Sudbury Education


Introduction to Sudbury Education
  • Lessons of a Sudbury Education: Observations and reflections on the Sudbury model: A talk given at an Introductory Meeting.
  • The Sudbury Model of Education: An overview of the Sudbury philosophy and model of education.
  • "OK, So You're Sort of Like...": Comparing Sudbury to other forms of alternative education.
  • What Difference Does A Sudbury Education Make: Six qualities fostered by Sudbury schools.
  • Back to Basics: Why go to school? Intellectual, vocational and moral basics.
  • A Few Words on SVS: An overview of the Sudbury Valley School by a staff member and former student.
  • How Kids Learn...and Learn...and Learn: How a child learns.
  • The Art of Doing Nothing: Being a staff member at a Sudbury school.

  • Learning to Trust Oneself: What it is all about...
  • What Are They Learning?: "So, what do kids learn at Sudbury?"

    School Governance and Democratic Structure
  • How The School is Governed: The role of the Assembly and School Meeting at a Sudbury school.
  • The Judicial System: "Truth and Justice for all."
  • The Three Rs: Rules, Respect, Responsibility: Why a Sudbury school is not a "School with No Rules"

    Parent's Stories
  • Dancing 'Round Castles: A mom observes her children reclaiming their sense of self.
  • Jyles On His Own: The first few weeks: A parent's observations.
  • Kiran: A safe environment in which to grow.
  • In Praise of Yu Gi Oh: Learning basic skills through playing a game.

    Student Articles
  • The Best Advice I Can Give Any Teen: One student's advice...
  • Injustice: A former Sudbury school stuent's perspective on compulsory education.
  • Connor's List: "Why do you want to go to The Circle School, anyway, Connor?"
  • What's the Buzz?: A student's experience of a day at a Sudbury school.

    Book Excerpts
  • Kingdom of Childhood: What is it like to be a student at a Sudbury School?
  • Child Rearing: One person's view of parenting and child development, in a context harmonious with the principles of the Sudbury model.
  • Education in America: Re-examining the purpose of education in America.
  • Free at Last: Anecdotes of life at a Sudbury school.
  • Reflections on the Sudbury School Concept: A collection of articles on Sudbury Education
  • A Clearer View: New Insights into the Sudbury model.
  • The Crisis in American Education: Lays out the foundations of the Sudbury model in clear, easy terms.

    Other Views on Education
  • The Six-Lesson Schoolteacher: The "lessons" taught by a compulsory educational system.
  • The Public School Nightmare: A commentary by a former NYS teacher of the year on compulsory education.
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