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The Sudbury Movement

The Hudson Valley Sudbury School is part of an international network of Sudbury schools, all of which are based on the 35-year-old Sudbury Valley School in Massachusetts. The concepts of Freedom, Trust and Responsibility are at the heart of the Sudbury model. Sudbury schools are run democratically, ensuring that students have the freedom to direct their own education. Sudbury graduates move into their adult lives as self-confident, articulate, resourceful and motivated citizens.

Below are a list of the other international and US Sudbury schools.

There is a mailing list devoted to the discussion of the Sudbury model of education. To join the list or read through the list's archives, check here.

Other Sudbury Schools

Schools in the United States


Big Rock Sudbury School — Novato
Cedarwood Sudbury School — Santa Clara
Diablo Valley School — Concord
Sacramento Valley School — Sacramento


Alpine Valley School — Wheat Ridge


New London Freedom School — New London
Mountain Laurel Sudbury School — New Britain


The New School — Newark


Spring Valley School — Palm Harbor


Fairhaven School — Upper Marlboro


The Sudbury Valley School — Framingham


Springfield Sudbury School — Springfield


New York
Hudson Valley Sudbury School — Kingston
Longview School — Cortlandt Manor


North Carolina
Katuah Sudbury School — Fletcher


The Blue Mountain School — Cottage Grove


The Circle School — Harrisburg


The Sego Lily School — Salt Lake City


Blue Ridge Sudbury School — Lynchburg


The Trillium School — Indianola
The Clearwater School — Bothell


West Virginia
Highland School — Highland
Worldwide Schools


Leerhuis Brussel — Brussels
The Triangolo Sudbury School — Lier


The Beach School — Toronto
The Fairfield School — Wolfville
Indigo Sudbury Campus — South Edmonton


Næstved Fri Skole — 4700 Næstved


"Kanaf" Democratic School of Golan Heights — Golan Heights
Jerusalem Sudbury School — Jerusalem


Democratic School Makkukurosuke — Kanzakigun
Democratic School Sola — Nishiniomiya City


Aquariushoeve — 7963 PK Ruinen
De Ruimte Soest — 


Puerto Rico
Casa Sudbury — Cidra
Sudbury Puerto Rico — 


Hiperion Sudbury School — Madrid

Mailing List

Scott Gray, a staff member at the Sudbury Valley School, maintains a private mailing list on the Sudbury Model of education. You can join the mailing list, discuss-sudbury-model. You can also read the archives using one of the links below:
Archives of the discuss-sudbury-model mailing list:
May 3rd 2002 to the present
November 5th 2001 to March 27th 2002
April 6th 2001 to November 5th 2001
December 1st 2000 to April 5th 2001
January 1st 2000 to November 30th 2000
December 23rd 1999 to December 31st 1999
October 18th 1998 to December 23rd 1999
July 30th 1996 to May 27th 1998
121 Telly Street, Kingston, NY 845.619.8492[email protected]